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#137* - EUkip, Farage, The Prostitute & Cashing In!

#137* - EUkip, Farage, The Prostitute & Cashing In!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



Having made a statement regarding Nigel Farage's having consorted with prostitutes on what was EUkipForum recently, I was challenged by Matthew Davies
Originally Posted by mkpdavies
I hope you can back the claim on prostitutes up with some serious evidence. We are well into the realms of libel now.


Firstly Matt we are nowhere near libel, so to imply we are is to misrepresent the position and that could be contended to be dishonest and in and of itself libellous - but let us let that pass as I am aware you really meant to ask a question not to make a dishonest accusation.

I appreciate Matt was a little sloppy in his question but clearly neither honesty, accuracy or veracity are virtues much valued on Anthony Butcher's Forum. Accusations of 'liar', dishonest, even BNP Membership or anti EUKIP also even a support for murder or anti Semitism are seemingly made by those favoured by Anthony Butcher and their dishonesty is rarely challenged whilst to protect them from challenge threads are locked - this seemingly is a technique supportive of some to the disadvantage of others.
That said the forum is worth joining , despite the clear lack of understanding of Justice, fair play or balance, as one can possibly learn a little of the logic whereby EUkip supporters are willing to support the corruption, dishonesty and incompetence of their leadership, NEC & staff. As yet I have heard no logical reason other than that one should support corruption so that failure can be apportioned!

This sounds to me the logic of the lunatic assylum! Somewhat like permitting Gordon Brown to staggeringly damage our economy over 11 years and then leave him there for consistency so that he can borrow £Billions more to make it worse!

'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' - In fact the air is dark so many of them are flying over!

Let us revert to the specific of Matt Davies's question:

For a libel or slander to occur the facts led must be untrue otherwise it is no more than either an original statement of fact or a reitteration of facts authoratitively published, either verbally in public or written.

I believe the case was made much of by The News of The World, where he was taken home by a prostitute from a public house.

I understand the prostitute in questiopn was willing to sell hersexual favours for a sum of around £20,000 paid by The News of The World and written of across two pages.

The prostitute in question, as I recal, provided her services, as written of in rather 'garish' detail, I am sure Nigel Farage will have a better memory of the event than I since it most clearly involved him and as I recal was not her name Liga.

Clearly Farage is neither defamed nor libeled by this reitteration of facts published in the media without challenge.

You will have noted Nigel Farage is all too rapid in obtaining financial gain when he is alleged to have brought EUkip into disrepute by employing a second family member when he has already brought EUkip into disrepute by employing the first member of his family in complete disregard for both his undertakings and his rules for others!

Clearly he is happy to be letigious when wronged but when he has brought EUkip into disrepute I am unaware that he has even had the integrity or good grace to apologise.

Interestingly having damaged EUkip by his consorting with Liga, who clearly acted for money, or with his oft vaunted drunkenness and his utter hypocracy and dishonesty in employing his wife for £25,000 a year - not so much as an apology has been made public.

Seemingly when he can make money out of EUkip being damaged, as with his demand for damages for the report of The Sunday Times which featured the fact that he was under investigation by OLAF and a possible cause seemed to be intimated, that yet again he was acting hypocritically and dishonestly by employing his son which could not be substantiated.

It is interesting that Farage received a sum approaching £10,000, paid by The Sunday Times, presumably rather than let costs spiral out of control as they beat his claim down from some £30,000 to the more realistic £50 many would claim his reputation was worth. Like every other year there seems to be no donation recorded from Nigel Farage to EUkip that could relate to the damage he had done EUkip.

I also note that although Farage AND EUkip lied about The Sunday Times, which was both verbal and on The Web Site - yet neither EUkip nor Farage have had the good grace to apologise, when forced to admit that he was indeed under investigation by OLAF.

I trust this helps Matt and any others to understand that I would not dream of deliberately libelling or telling a lie about anyone or any thing and will happily supply substantiation of my every statement that may be thought to libel.

However from now on since I have, I believe, more than clearly shown I can substantiate my comments - I shall NOT respond to such demands, other than when I chose unless challenged by the individual claiming to be libelled.

I feel sure any reasonable individual will be happy with this standard of provenance on this Forum where those who defame me or lie about me or make accusation are left unchallenged. Clearly since the owner of thie list permits dishonesty and attacks on me 'personally' and has cut many threads wherein I have asked for substantiation or withdrawal and the apology with respect to the lies to seemingly protect the dishonest and the abuser - I can reasonably seek the same right to silence granted others.

I do however undertake to respond to the first party individual that may claim to have been libelled - NOT a third party.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify for all Matt.

The original thread can be found on EUkip Forum now known as British Democracy Forum at
British Democracy Forum > Anti-EU and Euroscepticism > UKIP General Issues
Question: Is it me ?

I have made minor adjustments for clarity here.


Greg L-W.

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