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#131* - EUkip In Self Destruction Mode!

#131* - EUkip In Self Destruction Mode!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



There are numerous inaccuracies in the article below but hardly surprising as having spoken to Graham Dines on Friday afternoon he had written the story based on EUkip's propaganda and I gather John West, unwilling to damage the Party on an issue which is 'effectively' sub judice had refused to make a statement.

You will note that the paper perpetuates the myth EUkip is 'peddlin' that Gulleford & Titford have been 'cleared' by the police - which is NOT true but the paper has done a bit of its own research proving that OLAF have been passed the active file by the police - one of the investigation numbers is OLAF OF/2008/0764/Titford.

We understand having done our own enquiry that the alleged offences were rightly reported to the police by John West, seemingly in a mallicious act of diversionary tactic, John West and others in the Eastern Region have been become a part of Nigel Farage's to seize absolute control of the party inventing & creating a 'Reichstag Fire' moment.

It would seem that intimidation, ambush and kangarro courts have become the order of the day - could this be to intimidate others in the party not to speak out and tell the truth, maybe even to try to perpetuate the climate of cover-up and obfuscation of other financial and democratic irregularities, even crimes, within the party.

For an aspirant political party to get itself featured in the media as having lied about OLAF and being involved in a witch hunt seeking to censure a man with the integrity to report abuse of funds without fear or favour speaks volumes of just how debased the party has become under the present corrupt leadership team.

Suffolk parliamentary hopeful suspended

By: Graham Dines

A SUFFOLK parliamentary candidate has been suspended by the UK Independence Party (UKIP) over allegations he made against an East of England Euro MP involving improper use of parliamentary allowances.

An investigation by Essex Police last month cleared MEP Jeffrey Titford, a former leader of the party, and his political adviser Stuart Gulleford of any wrongdoing, saying “no criminal conduct” had been found against the pair.

The force had been asked to investigate by John West, who had been chosen to fight Suffolk Central and Ipswich North at the next general election.

However, last night OLAF - the European Parliament's Anti-Fraud Office - confirmed that the Essex Police decision had not ended the matter.“We have opened a file and we are taking steps to gather all relevant information for an investigation,” said the spokesman.

Mr West, who lives in Wickham Market and who contested the seat at the 2005 election, was suspended this week by UKIP's national chairman Paul Nuttall pending a final decision by the ruling national executive on December 15. In a letter, Mr Nuttall said: “You reported the former leader of the party to the police, without a shred of evidence.

“You show no remorse for your actions, even though the police have said there is no case to answer and you now openly claim that the same individual is under investigation by OLAF, also without foundation.

“I am also informing you that there have been a number of serious complains made against you, which have now been passed on to the party secretary. I hope you understand that I cannot allow this situation to continue.”

Mr Nuttall, who accused Mr West of bringing UKIP into disrepute, added:
“This is particularly hard for me as I have always found you to be hard-working and extremely likable.”

The Suffolk Coastal constituency party has also suspended his membership. Mr West fell out with the regional party earlier this year after failing to be given a winnable position on the UKIP East of England regional list for the European parliamentary elections next June.

He is now lodged a claim with Ipswich County Court demanding that a £500 deposit he paid should be returned.Last night Mr West, who works for the county council's libraries service, said: “I was made aware of alleged irregularities and passed them on to the police. I have no regrets about my action.”

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