Sunday, 2 November 2008

#101* - Saturday 1st. Brought More EUkip Exposures!!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership & NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable

#101* - Saturday 1st. Brought More EUkip Exposures!!



I Repeat my statement from posting #99* David Bannerman, David Campbell, David Campbell Bannerman or what ever his real identity is is a fraud, a liar and a cheat whose involvement with EUkip has indisputably brought the party into disrepute.

May I also add there is a possibility he is still in the employ of the Tory Party to damage EUkip but it is a proven certainty that he is in the employ of the EU in direct breech of UKIP Constitution and Rules.

For whom is the Deputy Leader of EUkip working?

I gather EUkip’s Deputy Leader is going to ask The Met. How to put his nappy on because he doesn’t know how to clean up the mess he has made himself!

I gather if the Met. Don’t shoot him Farage is likely to get shot of him as who would want to be shackled to the very Mill Stone that will drag you to the bottom of the lake? One only has to look at the banality of EUkip’s so called policies and the fact that they are uncosted and little more than 6th. Form politics club level in any good school to understand why EUkip and Bannerman in particular seek to hold kangaroo courts to remove individuals of intellect and probity who ask awkward questions on behalf of members.

Subject: FW: Deputy Leader of UKIP speaking in Capel St. Mary (suffolk) on Tuesday 4/11/08
Date: Friday, 31 October, 2008, 3:53 PM

Come and meet and question your South Suffolk Prospective Parliamentary Candidate & find out who he is this week & why he has no choice but to resignon grounds of fraud, dishonesty & corruptionHe will answer these questions and more:
DAVID CAMPBELL BANNERMAN(UKIP Deputy Leader and Head of Policy)
At 7.15 for 7.30 pm inThe Village Hall, Library,The Street,CAPEL ST MARYTuesday 4th November, 2008
Bring a friend
Meeting sponsored by:
UK Independence Party, South Suffolk,24 Meadow Lane, SUDBURY, Suffolk, CO10 2TD

Ask not for whom the bell tolls – It tolls for truth!

It is clear that EUkip stands absolutely no chance of achievement of any consequence which would stand a risk of getting Britain out of the EU under its present leadership.

It has reached the stage where the loyal who are still prepared to lie to hang onto their jobs are altering minutes for meetings as has a well known and highly funded EU employee in the South West who has a proven track record of dishonesty, corruption and lies and is regularly used by those who speak to him, in confidence, as a conduit for misinformation to be channelled back to the corrupt leadership.

Trust has reached such a low point that the pond life running EUkip are sinking to the levels of entrapment to see if they can entrap honest members of the leadership so that they can be put before kangaroo courts and dishonestly removed to ensure that the self serving leadership can keep their snouts in the troughs on the gravy train.

I gather Gawain Towler, seemingly to get himself further up the rigged lists of candidates, has lodged an implausible complaint of racism against Trevor Colman I STRESS THIS IS HEAR SAY as I have only heard it from 4 totally different sources but I have no documentary proof – I understand acting on the lines of ‘Who will rid me of this turbulent….’

Towler would seem to have seen some benefit in pleasuring his leader/employer.Although unsubstantiated by documentary poof I am not particularly concerned as there is ample evidence that the odious Mr. Towler is not above telling lies about people when he considers it will suit his interests.

EUkip’s leadership is like a rats nest where no one can trust the rat next to them and a number of those masquerading as rats would seem to wish to buy pardons and position in the cleaned up version of UKIP when it emerges ;-)

I note little Anthony Butcher is blocking material I am publishing from his Forum as he is clearly unwilling to be associated with the truth and is happy to publish defamatory statements by liars & cheats like Denny & the serial liar Croucher. Not only does he deny people the right to defend the facts I publish but even threatens them with bans from his thus corrupt list – one has to wonder for whom he is working!

I note he has failed to publish the facts about Bannerman that expose him as a fraud, a liar & a corrupt cheat. Yet he seems to condone Bannerman’s dishonesty and bullying of members of EUkip.Then we note he provides a platform for EUkip’s village idiot or as described by Farage ‘A useful idiot’.

Does anyone know when the selection procesas for MEPs is due to commence and what outside agency of reputew will oversee it – in line with the facts and recommendations of EUkip’s chosen Returning Officer who made it abundantly clear EUkip’s attempt was dishonest and incompetent if not unlawfull?

Perhaps someone will advise when Bannerman is to be kicked out if he fails to resign?Can anyone advise when EUkip will get a reputable, honest firm of British Accountants to act as Treasurer?Can anyone advise when Marta Andreassen will be dumped as a foreign national with absolutely no natural loyalty to Britain merely it seems a greed for payment (previously the Treasurer was Pro Bono!) of a salary of £36,000 + massive expenses we are given to understand and a crack at getting her snout back in the EU troughs at seemingly any cost.

We are trying to LEAVE the EU not parachute in parasites to represent us who have no natural affinity and a long track record of support for the EU only latterly out of seeming expedience mouthing obeisance to corruptly gain a position as a candidate in a corrupt selection process.

I wonder if EUkip will give an undertaking to clean up their act and be accountable to its members on Monday having failed to meet the deadline of 21.00hrs. on Friday and having failed to outline the process for their kangaroo court in time and having failed to represent the items on the Agenda that NEC members had asked for on behalf of those they represent.

Then I wonder if entrapment is a criminal offence, when I rang The Met. to establish whether or not it is but they required more information than I was prepared to give at this stage – however they did confirm it was likely – they also informed me that The Metropolitan Police do NOT have a Political Division as I had wanted details of their eMail address as I wished to supply copies of my details on Bannerman and his serial fraud, dishonesty, harassment, lies and corruption.

It would seem Mr. Bannerman can NOT possibly have an appointment with The Political Division either in his real identity or his fraudulent identity – therefore it becomes rather clear that he is merely abusing the position he dishonestly gained to harass Mr. West in a bullying and dishonest manner and that his lies and dissembling about me is yet again harassment and abuse of his fraudulently obtained position.

I therefore call on EUkip to display a modicum of integrity and FIRE Bannerman – whoever he is for dishonesty, harassment, bullying, abuse of political position, corruption and beyond any reasonable doubt bringing EUkip into disrepute.

Let us hope that EUkip act with integrity having FIRED Bannerman and ensure he is removed from his salaried job with the EU for having obtained it dishonestly.I issued an ultimatum predicated on conditions to be met by 21:00hrs. on Friday – I advised that I reserved the right to act as I see fit in the interests of my Country on a Patriotic basis as and when appropriate thereafter – I shall so do.

If EUkip will not act ethically, morally, patriotically and with integrity and clean up its obvious and perceived corruption I will relentlessly seek to destroy it for its betrayal of the electorate and its members.

May I thank those who have offered support and those who provide me with the steady stream of facts from within EUkip and I will continue but as I stated, despite the childish comments on Democracy Forum of the failed and the foolish I shall act when appropriate in my own time – EUkip has passed the deadline I set for acting with integrity – I have far too much practical experience to identify when and where I shall next expose their leadership corruption.

EUkip like fish has rotted from the head down and it is astonishing the lice that gather and feed on the rotten brain!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:
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