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Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, their anti UKIP claque & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



The Andrew Marr Show:
Former BBC Political Editor Andrew Marr shines a light on UKIP & Lord Pearson giving Malcolm Pearson a very generous easy ride.
Broadcast on:
BBC One, 9:00am Sunday 11th April 2010
60 minutes
You can watch the show if you CLICK HERE
Available until:
9:59am Sunday 18th April 2010

Malcolm Lord Pearson of Rannoch gets 9 minutes, almost exactly commencing 30m24s. into the program.

Pearson was fortunate that Andrew Marr asked no difficult questions and almost led Pearson forward to give his best side (and that of UKIP) - It makes it rather clear that the BBC has an agenda as I can not for a moment accept that Andrew Marr is so woefully unaware that UKIP os in turmoil cosied up to the pro EU members of the EFD as they are to the outrageous racism, xenophobia and violence advocated and practiced by their political associates - many find it an obscenity that UKIP has cosied up to lead the EFD with its holocaust deniers, Nazi sympathisers and anti Jewish membership.

To fail to address these facts and to ignore the exposure of UKIP's leader Nigel Farage, their titular leader Malcolm Pearson, their deputy leader David Bannerman, the other Eastern region MEP Stuart Agnew and the Risible Reeve are all embroilled in inquiries related to corruption, dishonesty and money laundering is a staggering abrogation of duty by a public service broadcaster in the run up to a General Election.

Perhaps today's broadcast by Pearson shows that Farage's days are over as UKIP's performer as clearly Pearson 'cuts more ice' Pearson did not rely on slandering his colleagues, did not endlessly claim 'I', 'I', 'I' though I do note he failed to be inclusive of the party or its members! Pearson was also more plausible when presenting figures as he did not come across as a Coty Barrow Boy with all the answers but no time for the questions!

The great fault, beyond the undeniable corruption that is UKIP and the self serving self enrichment scams and structures that are UKIP os in the main just how thoroughly unpleasant UKIP leadership are.

We have seen the unpleasant behaviour of UKIP leadership with Farage attacking his own MEPs and describing them as uncredible - then we had Pearson describing UKIP senior members as Neanderthals - he even described the self proclaimed crook Stuart Agnew as reliable and sound or some such twaddle - the man is a liar, a cheat, a crook and a self serving bully, without morality or honour!

Then we have the efforts on behalf of UKIP to silence free speech using low lifes like Mark Croucher to lie and dissemble about those who may have alternative opinions, released to try to frame a dying man Piers Merchant, a supporter of the anti democratic Searchlight with its criminally convicted leader and its unpleasant anti democratic associates like UAF, ANaL and other similar bully boy blagards yet UKIP leadership are so bereft of morality and standards that having deliberately cheated and lied in their MEP selection processes as shown in their own Official Report by their own internally appointed Returning Officer CLICK HERE.

We see the dishonesty and lies of people like Douglas Denny, the clear dishonesty of Marta Andreasen as shown by the Court verdict against her that showed her to be no whistle blower merely a dishonest and incompetent book keeper CLICK HERE Her interview with Tim Sebastian shows us just how duplicitous she is if you CLICK HERE or HERE - little of the truth seems to feature in her new novel!

Then we have others like Stuart Parr details of his dishonest and underhand behaviour can be found at CLICK HERE or HERE there is no shortage of examples of Stuart Parr's dishonesty and lies - however to be fair he does use his name but as he places no value on integrity or honourable behaviour I guess he cares not that people link his lies and character to his name.

There are those like Skeptyk who vehemently denies being Croucher which I accept as I believe it is a composite of low lifes liars and cheats for provenance of their dishonesty and serial duplicity CLICK HERE

Then there are others similarly too ashamed to put their names to their unpleasant behaviour - a small example can be seen if you CLICK HERE, which does show just how extreme are the efforts to suppress the truth and free speech as with the ill informed anonymouce idiocy of comments like this: CLICK HERE

Let us look at that example where Tim & Junius are falsely accused of witholding information - this is all too usual in its untruthfull spin.

Check the time lines and you will note that I tracked down the details of John Stevens and posted a blog on the fact that he was standing in Buckingham against John Bercow and the only vid. I could find on him had, with some humour, exposed Farage to a small extent. I had a lengthy conversation with John Stevens political agent, having read his web site see the blog CLICK HERE

You will note neither Junius, who I subsequently brought the details AS I KNEW THEM to their attention - you will note neither I nor Junius advocated anyone vote for John Stevens - we merely flagged up the fact he was standing which clearly UKIP had NOT publicised.

No doubt we will revisit John Stevens in the days to come - I am aware he is ex Banking, which immediately shows him to be suspect as he was a Tory MEP until 1999 and was very pro EU and joining with the EUro, which indicates a clearly un Patriotic stance. Since 2001 I gather he has had association with the Lib.Dims. who are VERY pro surrender of our liberty to vassal status in the EU.

However to be fair, this leaves me with a dilemma, John Stevens would seem to be very pro EU yet no longer draws his income from the EU (bears investigation), he does seem to have the edge on Farage in various areas - he made a success of his career in The City and on a cursory look I can find no reason to doubt his integrity even if I totally repudiate his conclusions regarding the EU. However there is a clear chink in the apparent position John Stevens holds as I have known his Political Agent for best part of a dozen yearsand I know he is fundamentally opposed and openly stated as against Britain participating in the EU as a vassal state.

The dilemma is does one support an individual who MAY BE pro EU or does on support a man without morality, integrity, loyalty or values a self serving self enriching fop who sides with and support Racism, Xenophobia, sexual intollerance, violence and anti Judaism together with pro EU membership political low lifes in the EU a man who permitted Croucher to, to quote the judge, acted as an agent for UKIP to try to destroy freedom of speech by seeking to bankrupt me through the Courts.

I think that it is more honourable to support an honest man with a different point of view than a dishonest man willing to prostitute himself and his supporters for personal gain - what do you think?

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