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#950* - UKIP - Malcolm Lord PEARSON on STRAIGHT TALK

#950* - UKIP - Malcolm Lord PEARSON on STRAIGHT TALK

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, their anti UKIP claque & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

Interviewed by Andrew NEIL Provided A VERY Comfortable Platform which becase sooooo boring, even Pearson realised how tedious it was!

Andrew Neil interviews Lord Pearson, Leader of the UK Independence Party.

Malcolm Pearson talks about his time in the Conservative Party before leaving to join UKIP and becoming its leader. He also discusses his party’s prospects at the next General Election, the challenges and economic implications for Britain in leaving the EU, and finally his thoughts on the result of a hung Parliament and his party’s tactic in supporting eurosceptic candidates of other political parties.
Available until:
10:59pm Saturday 17th April 2010


At least Pearson acquits himself adequately, if somewhat tediously and it is possible to show the whole 30 minutes unlike Nigel Farage's catastrophic performance on Hard Talk when interviewed by Stephen Sackur - possibly his first difficult interview where he was very clearly out of his depth and even his sychophants like the odious Stuart Parr could only find a small percentage of the broadcast they could leave un editted see the official sanitised version with only 1/3rd. remaining:

The full interview showed that the showman's act was wearing very thin these days and all of this was before The Sunday Times exposed Lord Pearson, Nigel Farage, David Bannerman, Stuart Agnew and Peter Reeve for the dishonest and stupid rascals they really are!

I note the Risible Reeve claims, in the Huntingdon Town Crier of the 8th. April, to work 38 hours a week for Agnew and Bannerman thus effectively biting the hand that feeds him by accusing Stuart Agnew of being an outright liar - well we knew Agnew was a cheat, a scoundrel, a bully and an odious and arrogant idiot but it was interesting to be told that he is clearly a liar by his staff!
However let is take the Risible Reeve's evidence with a pinch of salt as he goes on to say he works voluntarily for UKIP for between 70 & 100 hours a week!

This is a chappie who is paid some £12K as a County Councillor, is a local Councillor, sits on the board of governors of a couple of schools, brings up a raft of his and other chaps kids and has a partner who is CEO of UKIP - presumably a full time occupation!

You do the maths:
24hrs. x 7 days = 168 hrs a week

Reeve claims to work for UKIP between:
38 hrs. + 70 hrs. = 108 hrs.
38 hrs. + 100 hrs. = 138 hrs.

Thus sleep, bathing, child care, County Council work, eating, dressing, local Council work, Governors meetings and the like are crammed into, some weeks, a mere 4 hrs. 20 mins. or at best 8 hrs. 40 mins.

Mr. Peter Reeve you are either a cheat, a liar, a scoundrel or a total fraud.

May I suggest that in view of the time available that Social Services take a very close look at this family and consider taking their children into care - A suggestion I make with tongue in cheek as I just find The Risible Reeve's claims to be utterly dishonest - so much so that I find Stuart Agnew and The Sunday Times far more plausible that the local comic the Toen Crier and Risible Reeve!

One would expect David Bannerman to accuse Stuart Agnew and The Sunday Times of being liars to try to save his sordid self perception but David Bannerman is a proven liar, utterly duplicitous and a cheat - so very typical of UKIP I regret to say.

Agnew, Bannerman, Reeve and their fellows in the leadership of UKIP are the scum and the froth of politics dishonest and corrupt to the core - Farage is no better but perhaps his moral dyslexia does exonerate him in some way as it is a clearly perceptable mental illness. He is bereft of ethics and integrity on all counts it would seem in his self delusional narcissism.

I understand that complaints have been lodged with Risible Reeve's Council by at least one senior Councillor bringing to their attention that Risible Reeve, seemingly a serial liar, brings the Council into disrepute.

I am also well aware of complaints made Officially by a number of people to:
  1. The Standards in Public Life Commission
  2. Parliamentary Standards Commission
  3. The Chief Constable, Metropolitan Police
  4. The Electoral Commission
  5. OLAF
I understand:
  1. The Standards in Public Life Commission
    have not as yet responded
  2. Parliamentary Standards Commission
    Claim to have no jurisdiction over MEPs or Peers.
  3. The Chief Constable, Metropolitan Police
    Have acknowledge receipt
  4. The Electoral Commission
    Have acknowledged receipt and it has moved up to 'Officially under investigation'
  5. OLAF
    Receipt has been acknowledge however they are on Easter Break and will follow up on their return.

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