Sunday, 25 April 2010

#967* - UKIP Leaflet For STROUD

#967* - UKIP Leaflet For STROUD

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, their anti UKIP claque & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!


UKIP Leaflet For STROUD!



If you are a UKIP member and wish to print off more of the UKIP Stroud leaflets just double clIck the image for a larger version.

I hear in compliance with my prediction made back around Christmas UKIP are standing down their candidates in a large number of constituencies to aid the Tories.

You may recal I predicted that the UKIP/EFD rally in March would be fascinating by what was NOT covered.

Sadly the entire rally devolved, quite literally, into a standard UKIP 'Balls up', quite literally!

Though there was much publicity of the testicularly challenged Farage and his self promoting book - which seems to have sunk like a stone without trace, however if hunted with diligence this book published on 25-Mar-2010 is now selling new for below half price - there was very little publicity beyond Farage's testicles, unless you count one of the broadsheets making very little effort to show Pearson as a typical Tory worthy diligently trying to display his common man touch by the promotion of a near isolated non EUropean.

The poor old chap was made to look almost as much of a pratt as he most clearly was on John Sopel's political programme!

You may remember that a couple of months before I predicted that by then Stuart Wheeler would have seen through UKIP and have walked away leaving Pearson to complete the task for the Tories.

They had already managed to honour their undertaking regarding the £3/4 Million debt they undertook to pay if it fell due prior to the election - the case is to be heard a month after the election and who will then pick up the debt as there is absolutely no doubt of UKIP's guilt and Farage, Andrew Smith and a couple of other dishonest UKIP claque will have incurred a debt of around £1.2 Million!

You may recall that with the failed political campaigner and drinking buddy of Farage's James Prior with his inside knowledge of the Tories would deliver as required and the list of UKIP candidates would prove far less interesting than the list of Tory candidates against whom they would not stand!

So it seems to have transpired and it is noted that on closer inspection of the lists there are many gaps. There is not even a clearly stated criterion for permitting the Tories to run unopposed, little wonder that UKIP have not published a list warning their gullible members of the extent of their betrayal.

I am still fascinated to think where the £50,000 gift to Trevor Coleman came from and was it to buy his silence and ensure he remained in the EFD until after the General Election - was it money unaccountably (as Marta Andreasen clearly cautioned) laundered by Robin Collett from the 4000 slush fund Farage seems to control his fiefdom with?

Did Farage have to pay de Villiers a similar sum to bribe him not to leave the EFD until after the election?

With some 8 members of the UKIP leadership claque under investigation at the moment, sheltering their dishonest staff in the EU from their Court liabilities - to use the EU as a shelter for UKIP from British Court liabilities tells you all you need to know about the ethics of UKIP and that without consideration of their overt racism and pro EU allies.

I note with interest that The ICO under the Data Protection Act have yet again censured them and provided support for a prosecution of UKIP in the Courts - a prosecution that would beyond doubt lay yet another GUILTY verdict at UKIP's door.

The management of UKIP is not just chaotic but indisputably corrupt - they are unfit for purpose and one would not be far out if one said ANY PURPOSE!

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