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#968* - UKIP' Frank Day & David Pickles Covering For A Party Coleague!

#968* - UKIP' Frank Day & David Pickles Covering For A Party Coleague! 

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable! The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, their anti UKIP claque & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

UKIP' Frank Day & David Pickles Covering For A Party Colleague!
It seems the gratuitous vandalism by UKIP members was happening elsewhere also!


I gather this embarrassing twit is not alone but sadly why am I not surprised when you consider the so called Party leader Lord Pearson has it seems been criminally laundering money and stating and publishing outright lies in desparate attempte si give UKIP credibility I guess so that it can better assist the Tories by standing down against them in many seats!

UKIP are clearly without ethics and integrity ducking and diving with Courts and refusing to pay their debts of honour - but of course they have no honour or integrity it seems!

We have the fool Stuart Agnew MEP openly boasting that he and David Bannerman wittingly defraud the tax payer to pay a UKIP lackey who does no work for them. Not content with that he brags in collusion with Lord Pearson and details checked and quoted of Nigel Farage as to how to cheat the Electoral Commission and collude to defraud citing the success of previous examples!

Then we have one MEP Trevor Coleman who colluded in the set up of UKFirst Party with promises to join them once he had been elected on a UKIP ticket! He then makes much of how he will refuse to sit with the EFD and then of how he will challenge Farage - it does rather seem as if his pretence to integrity trickled down his leg - but why are we not surprised this is the bent ex copper who colluded in the cover-up of Tom Wise's criminality and having voiced his certainty that they were guilty of the crime took no action to see Justice done!

I gather he has even fogotten his conversation in The Poppy Bar when witnessed talking of the £50K he had been GIVEN, which seemed all too like a bribe to me! He is of course a thoroughly discredited witness having lied about so many things.

Party’s poster pest admonished

Parliamentary candidates fighting for a place in Government have admonished one of their supporters after he was found sabotaging opponents’ campaign posters. 

The UK Independence Party’s Frank Day, standing in Carshalton and Wallington, and David Pickles, standing in Sutton and Cheam, issued an apology after the spate of torn and trashed posters led back to their party’s door. 

Liberal Democrat and Conservative candidates had grown increasingly angry over the acts of vandalism – which resulted in both sides losing about 30-40 posters and boards each. 

But Mr Pickles said he and Mr Day wanted to distance themselves from the party member caught red-handed in the act, and said the man has been told his membership will be revoked once it expires. 

Mr Pickles said: “Unfortunately this member took it upon himself to systematically destroy political boards of our opponents. 

“I in no way want to be associated with such juvenille behaviour and I too would like to offer my apologies to our political opponents for any distress caused.” 

Both candidates stressed they wished their opponents good luck in the forthcoming election, and hoped there would be no hard feelings over the “unfortunate incident”. 

Mr Day said: “In no way do members and candidates for UKIP condone his actions. 

“I have issued an official apology to both Tom Brake and Ken Andrew for the inconvenience caused.” 

Speaking after the apology was issued, Liberal Democrat Mr Brake said he understood passions ran high in an election, but this was a “step too far”. 

He said: “You expect in an election there will be something of this sort, when people come home from the pub or a night out perhaps. 

“But I have not seen anything on this scale before. 

“We are still continuing to monitor what is happening and I hope it will stop.” 

Conservative candidate for the constituency Mr Andrews said: “I’m glad they apologised, it is the appropriate thing to have done. 

“Perhaps the member should do hard labour and put the posters he pulled down back.”

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