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#946* - UKIP - With 2 Bercs fighting for Bucks - Bercow & Farage!!!

#946* - UKIP - With 2 Bercs fighting for Bucks - Bercow & Farage!!!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, their anti UKIP claque & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

UKIP - With 2 Bercs fighting for Bucks - Bercow & Farage!!
Neither will win!

Bercow will have a respectable showing but be pipped by an INDEPENDENT!

UKIP despite £100,000 'Boosted' from Stuart Wheeler who has walked away from UKIP in disgust WILL save their deposit with about 7% of the vote!

The National UKIP Result will save around 15 > 20 deposits - have no one elected and average out at around 4.5%

(Woops - CORRECTION - 4.5% would give a much higher number of deposits saved!! Due to a phone call I re-read this and do NOT revise my % but the deposits saved which would be somewhere between 60 & 100 and as a supporter of the genuine grass root members of UKIP and their values I hope many of them save their deposits whilst the leadership will get their snouts back in the trough and enrich themselves we are aware the members are very split by their betrayal.)


INDEPENDENT Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

for Buckingham

for details: CLICK HERE


Lib?   Lab?   EUkip?   Con?
on 06-May-2010 for more of the same
scams, fiddles, corruption and
 defend the PARTY at all cost!
     Lib.                          Lab.                  EUkip                         Con.

Which Party will you squander your vote on?

Why not Reclaim YOUR Future

They have NO Party to put before
People & OUR Country.

Offers Border Controls, Smaller Government,
Less Laws, Democracy &
Not just a voice but a choice
with LOCAL Democracy &
Politicians answerable to YOU
Not to jumping through Party hoops

You can find lots more about the Buckingham Campaign if you CLICK HERE

I gather the UKIP campaign - despite spending loads of dosh (other people's)
is not doing well!

Speaking to a number of locals it is my belief that Nigel Farage's cheeky chappie campaign is making him look almost as much of a Berc as Bercow! When it comes to the stench of decay and corruption there seems little to choose between Farage & Bercow but clearly Farage has the edge on Bercow for the amount of money he has seemingly trousered over the years at the expense of his personal Milch Cow UKIP which runs to many £ Millions.

Bercow may have been on the fiddle over allowances but relative to Farage he is clearly an amateur when it comes to making money out of politics!!

I really am not surprised that even Farage's salaried goffers cover their heads and scuttle out of the picture to avoid being too closely associated with this popinjay political wannabe!

Greg L-W.
01291 - 62 65 62

For more details see CLICK HERE 
(Let us look at that example where Tim & Junius are falsely accused of witholding information - this is all too usual in its untruthfull spin.

Check the time lines and you will note that I tracked down the details of John Stevens and posted a blog on the fact that he was standing in Buckingham against John Bercow and the only vid. I could find on him had, with some humour, exposed Farage to a small extent. I had a lengthy conversation with John Stevens political agent, having read his web site see the blog CLICK HERE

You will note neither Junius, who I subsequently brought the details AS I KNEW THEM to their attention - you will note neither I nor Junius advocated anyone vote for John Stevens - we merely flagged up the fact he was standing which clearly UKIP had NOT publicised.

No doubt we will revisit John Stevens in the days to come - I am aware he is ex Banking, which immediately shows him to be suspect as he was a Tory MEP until 1999 and was very pro EU and joining with the EUro, which indicates a clearly un Patriotic stance. Since 2001 I gather he has had association with the Lib.Dims. who are VERY pro surrender of our liberty to vassal status in the EU.

However to be fair, this leaves me with a dilemma, John Stevens would seem to be very pro EU yet no longer draws his income from the EU (bears investigation), he does seem to have the edge on Farage in various areas - he made a success of his career in The City and on a cursory look I can find no reason to doubt his integrity even if I totally repudiate his conclusions regarding the EU. However there is a clear chink in the apparent position John Stevens holds as I have known his Political Agent for best part of a dozen yearsand I know he is fundamentally opposed and openly stated as against Britain participating in the EU as a vassal state.

The dilemma is does one support an individual who MAY BE pro EU or does on support a man without morality, integrity, loyalty or values a self serving self enriching fop who sides with and support Racism, Xenophobia, sexual intollerance, violence and anti Judaism together with pro EU membership political low lifes in the EU a man who permitted Croucher to, to quote the judge, acted as an agent for UKIP to try to destroy freedom of speech by seeking to bankrupt me through the Courts.

I think that it is more honourable to support an honest man with a different point of view than a dishonest man willing to prostitute himself and his supporters for personal gain - what do you think?)

INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance


Reclaim YOUR Future

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:

IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate

to Reclaim YOUR Future

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