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Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, their anti UKIP claque & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



In the run up to an election the anti EU membership party seemingly defaults on its debts by hiding behind the skirts of the EU - you couldn't make it up! AND they want to be elected!!! Clearly UKIP has no principles, no understanding of ethical behaviour and the morals of their gutter!

I appreciate that no one ever mistook Malcolm Lord Pearson of Rannock for being either bright or politically astute, for he is neither. However we note that now that his fellow OE chum Stuart Wheeler has moved on he is even more likely to quit UKIP immediately after the General Election - it would seem he is not alone and just as he has used UKIP for his own ends we note Marta Andreasen has shown her hand also as being for her own ends.

Marta Andreasen having been exposed not just as a duplicitous money grabbing cheat as shown by the manner in which she cheated to get elected as a UKIP MEP see an outline of the details CLICK HERE - UKIP voters were unaware that she had lied about being a whistle blower CLICK HERE Having tried most other parties and been rejected she managed to dupe her way into UKIP as her ticket to ride the Gravy Train.

One has to admot UKIP has not been fortunate with bean counters ever since John de Roeke left! Farage and his claque has merely manipulated them where possible it seems consider the self serving unprofessional and ultimately dishonest Andrew Smoth whose poor practices and dishonesty were in large part the cause of the £3/4 Million debt incurred so far by Farage's idiotic antics that earned UKIP a guilty verdict for breech of electoral law.

Then there has been the ongoing dishonesty and underhand untrustworthyness of Michael McGough, not to mention the clearly untrustworthy Robin Collett. Martin Hasslams behaviour also left much to be desired with his duplicity behing colleagues' backs and his failures of reliable accounting and fancifull interpretations of fact in various ways to suit his own circumstances - a dishonest man!

Bruce Lawson also was clearly untrustworthy and unreliable and now we have the EU's discard the bean counter Marta Andreasen and despite many defending her duplicity we note that she is not just considering but has announced the intent to jump ship from UKIP for her own personal gain.

All in all UKIP has not fared well at the hands of its bean counters.

Clearly the untrustworthy Marta Andreasen is no exception as she makes active application for the job of Director General or the Chaiman of the office of head of OLAF - that would of course leave UKIP in the lurch but most same observers of UKIP have merely been waiting for her to jump ship for pastures new more suited to her top end incompetencies and fixes!

Were Andreasen to depart with integrity that would leave Steve Harris as replacement MEP and Andreasen would have her way and her snout deep in the EU trough.

That would leave UKIP with the 5 current individuals under a cloud - their OLAF files passed on to the relevant EU authorities awaoting finalisation of recovery prior to their being passed on to British police and now from the Sunday Times Pearson, Farage, Bannerman, Agnew and Reeve may well find themselves following the previous 5 on the path to the courts for apparent criminality.

Even if Farage survives what then with Nattrass, Coleman and possibly even Bufton quitting the sordid EFD the Dutch unlikely to join save at crippling cost to Farage and the group in collapse - will UKIP survive these onslaughts with no meaningful backer?

Then we have to look at the apparent total disregard for any concept of compliance with law - UKIP may pretend to the role of law makers but lacking Officer Qualities or competent leadership again and again it makes a mokery of any right to any position of responsibility as it so frequently flouts the laws it is the custodian of.

One is forced to remember that Stuart Wheeler loudly proclaimed he would give Farage £100K to oppose the speaker in Buckingham when, do correct me if I am wrong but do not the rules constrain election expenses to £25K?

Then surely the rules most clearly state the staff of MEPs as shown by the admissions of criminal behaviour by Stuart Agnew on his own and David Bannerman's behalf through use of EU funded staff and fraudulently obtained public money - then we see Mark Croucher, Gawain Towler and Michael Jose campaigning in Buckingham when in fact they are group employees who should surely be in Brussels doing the job they are paod for - is this not yet again a breech of law?

I also note the foul mouthed slut Annabell Fuller flaunting herself on behalf of Farage in Buckinghamshire - no doubt on route to a night in Bristol before Wednesday's west country promotion of their silly and ill thought out childish manifesto - much taunted by thinking media where they bothered to mention it! None were kind to the launch and for clear reasons.

It was amusing to see the Skeptyk, Fuller, Croucher claque overly excited to the point of undeniable dishonesty.

To see them speculating madly, and I use the term with somer accuracy and outright telling lies in their angst at not understanding or being able to control much beyond their bladders such that they started publishing their fantasies as facts - Croucher could not contain himself with his lies inventing the schiboleth of meetings between Bercow and Sinclaire - as so often their dishonesty blew both their cover and their credibility - the plausibility of the lies about secret meetings in pubs were as implausible as are so many of their lies and distastefull nit picking - I gather they have launched another of their poison blogs.

I expect it will be recycling the non news inventions and distortions, lies and innuendo of their most feared rivals in desparate efforts to try to discredit the facts on my blogs and that of Junius where to date they have utterly failed to identify a significant error let alone a single deliberate lie - yet they seem incapable of finding any substantive fact to back their desparation and yet again we can expect their blog to collapse in a hissy fit when it can't think of any more lies to publish or facts to distort.

Clearly these unpleasant low lifes just don't understand how much damage they do EUroScepticism and UKIP in particular.

You will note they have done UKIP much harm with their sneering and dishonesty leading to close attention from those they seek to damage and the resultant press articles. Unable to control themselves having been banged to rights by The Sunday Times showing Pearson, Farage & Agnew involved in conspiracy to fraudulently raise money an breech of electoral law and Agnew having outright admitted he and Bannerman defrauded the tax payer to fund their regional organiser - Had UKIP the intelligence to use damage limitation or PR?

Of course not as UKIP has not had competent PR or media management in its entire 17 years save a brief period with Clive Page - Fuller, Sobey, Croucher and Towler as amateurs clearly out of their depth have been set up time and again and lack the competence or ability and are merely held in disrepute by media of any consequence and consider damage limitation to be feeding their self interst with lies like Fuller has in the past or confrontation or sneering which is Croucher's only apparent ability.

They couldn't even find out the facts regarding Sinclaire and Cartright being in Buckingham and were far too stupid to ask so they invented lies to bring UKIP into disrepute!! One could hardly make up such incompetence - almost as predictable as the insults against the Times that has led to the damaging article see CLICK HERE and underpins the self inflicted wound that is scheduled for this Sunday.

Had UKIP a competent Press Officer and an understanding of media and damage limitation it would be unlikely that the ongoing insults by such as Croucher, Skeptyk, Baron v L, Douglas Denny and their ilk would have so effectively attracted the attention and exposure of bad publicity - UKIP has had an unerring ability to make enemies and almost no talent in its greed and dishonesty to make and keep friends as shown by the fact that there are a huge amount more ex members than there are extant members.

Ask yourself what EXACTLY was the gain in splitting the party in the run up to an election, how was the cause helped by UKIP's ludicrous and shamefull Court Case against me thinly hidden behind their fake press officer and his lies? How was UKIP benefitted by the vile behaviour towards Dr. Eric Edmond or Dr. Abbott - how was UKIP aided by the selection of low lifes and parasites in virtually every office? Just how did UKIP benefit by alienating Dr. Vernon Coleman or driving out Stuart Wheeler, how has UKIP benefitted by association with the likes of Towler, Croucher, Fuller and their ilk?

Why is UKIP so determined to self destruct?

Now think for a moment - after 16 years of dedicated service to our cause could Nikki Sinclaire have been in Buckingham offering an olive branch to give Farage the opportunity of making bridges to avoid facing defeat and costs and damages in The High Court - could she have actually been willing to assist Farage in his campaign to give him a chance to make good the damage he has done the party.

Perhaps the fact that Channel 4 had asked her to do an interview might have been a part of her reason for being in Buckingham but then again do bear in mind she was with Garry Cartrite who was in the RAF for a number of years the kind of service that might have made men of the likes of Croucher, Farage and the like who failed in terms of military service. I wonder, and here my RAF knowledge cuts in, RAF Holton is on the 'patch' and if as press officer Croucher had bothered to do the job he is paid for he might have realised Sinclaire is in service with the RAF and her station is as I recal from her publicity is RAF Holton.

O believe you will find the septic slime lied in desparation to try to make mischief yet again showing themselves as discreditted and liars damaging UKIP yet further by revealing UKIP's true personality.

If UKIP does honestly want to achieve anything worthwhile rather than just be a gaggle of lower middle class old men achieving virtually nothing as in the previous 17 years they need to fire the parasites, start to make friends with the people they have alienated - those who didn't care have walked away - then appoint competent media and PR staff and start to try to rebuild their reputation from this staggering low point without credibility, competence or vision - facing a raft of legal problems and seemingly all too willing to hide behind the skirts of location in The EU to avoid paying the £12,500 they morally owe me.

In the run up to an election the anti EU membership party seemingly defaults on its debts by hiding behind the skirts of the EU - you couldn't make it up! AND they want to be elected!!! Clearly UKIP has no principles, no understanding of ethical behaviour and the morals of their gutter!

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