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#948* - The Shame Of Needing To Ask yet astonishingly Stuart Agnew asks UKIP

#948* - The Shame Of Needing To Ask yet astonishingly Stuart Agnew asks UKIP

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, their anti UKIP claque & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

The Shame Of Needing To Ask yet astonishingly Stuart Agnew asks UKIP! Imagine asking Farage about ethics, Bannerman about integrity, Pearson about honesty or Reeve about morals
Yes clearly Stuart Agnew is an idiot - an arrogant, joke idiot to be true!


here is an amusing conversation from the Junius blog where someone clearly proven to have been on the make with UKIP in the past, embroilled in the corrupt selection process that ended up with dishonourable and dishonest crooks like Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman stealing money from the tax payers to fund their personal scams - as shown beyond any doubt CLICK HERE

Or the boasts of how they had fiddled the system and so far got away with it from Lord Pearson and Nigel Farage.

We understand that Lord Pearson, Nigel Farage, David Bannerman, Stuart Agnew and Peter Reeve all having been clearly and unequivocally exposed by The Sunday Times a week ago are so obviously without morality or honour that not one of these dishonest individuals has resigned!!

Astonishingly we understand that Stuart Agnew has so little grasp of ethical behaviour that even bringing UKIP into disrepute and openly admitting on camera that he and David Bannerman have abused their position of trust to steal money from the public purse to fund the Regional Organiser who does no work for them - absolutely astonishingly asks his fellow crooks whether he should resign!!! Astonishing isn't it that even a person of no moral fibre would know better how they should behave! Imagine having to ASK whether he should resign or not.

Just how low grade does one need to be to not know instinctively how to behave!

I appreciate that Marta Andreassen has no track record of integrity as shown and proven but in view of her efforts to sell her novel where does she stand surrounded by such corruption and criminality? Might she quit UKIP before the election to protect the myth of her integrity or will she wait, as apparently planned, until after the election and go at the same time as the others!

Blogger Tim Worstall said...
Quite glorious. You celebrate alleged illegality by committing theft of copyright. Well done you. Might I suggest that you contact the Sunday Times to ask what you owe them?
4 April 2010 21:07
Blogger Junius said...
Thank you. Tim Worstall - A few questions for you: Were you a resident in the UK when your MEP application was filed? You claimed to be on the Bath electoral roll which you could not be if you were a resident abroad for tax purposes. Don't tell us you made a false declaration! No doubt Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs would be interested in your answer.
4 April 2010 23:46
Blogger Tim Worstall said...
"You claimed to be on the Bath electoral roll" As indeed I was. As you can check yourself by going to Bath Library and looking it up. Sorry, but this dog of a story has already been investigated and been found to be quite, quite wrong. I should also point out that I've never been "resident abroad for tax purposes" in the sense of being a tax exile. I have lived for many years in many different countries, this is true, as a result of my work. Russia for 7 years, the US for 5 or 6 and also in Portugal. But that's not the same as fleeing the country to avoid tax, is it? So, back to the matter at hand. Have you paid the Sunday Times yet for your breach of copyright?
5 April 2010 15:26
Blogger Junius said...
We are afraid that Lynnda Robson and Victor Webb don't agree with your version of events. Both made complaints about you to the NEC. Lynnda even went to court over it.

Here is what one of our sources said:
Tim Worstall - is he resident in the UK for tax purposes now and was he when his application was filed? He claims to be on the Bath electoral roll which he cannot be if he is resident abroad for tax purposes (which we know he is - he lives in Portugal and can only spend a limited amount of time in the UK). This should make him very worried, as if he claims he is on the electoral roll in Bath then he has either made a false declaration (criminal offence) or he should be paying UK tax. No doubt Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs would be interested in his answer.
End of quote.

They work for one of the UKIP MEPs. They don't think that you are telling the truth.

And don't worry about the Times. UKIP has bigger things to worry about at the moment!
5 April 2010 22:33


I believe if Tiny Tim were to do some joined up thinking he would realise that the papers have no problem as they compare their circulations in the Millions on the stories lifted from Greg L-W. at:
& Junius which gets mere hundreds and are both Not for Profit the press position is clearly shown to be what goes around comes around.
Only people as dishonest and corrupt as we know UKIP to be would even consider such a complaint - almost as foolish as the malicious comments and lies to the Press Complaints Commission from Mark Croucher and Roger Knapman for UKIP or the endless threats of legal action against the Times Group by the idiotic Nattrass and the criminal Tom Wise - mere bluster!

Unlike UKIP on a serial basis in breech of Data Protection Act and Officially censured for their offences by the Data Protection Officials and their endless leaking of data - neither my blog nor Junius are in breech of the Data Protection Act and as you will have noticed UKIP lost a case and were found guilty under the Data Protection Act.

Talking of ethics - let us see if UKIP have the basic morality to pay the £12,000 in expenses that they caused me to incur through the use of their agent Mark Croucher or will they try to hide behind the fact they are based in Brussels and 'believe' that they can use the EU to shelter from legal costs imposed by the British Courts!

That will be a very interesting reflection on UKIP's anti or pro EU stance won't it! Several papers are watching that but then again I do not charge for use of material on the blog nor am I paid for it - nor indeed am I paid for the numerous stories exposing the truth about UKIP over the years!

I appreciate UKIP's position is founded on the money they make but some of us act to liberate Britain from the EU unpaid seeking only the reward of freedom and self determination.

Not everyone is seeking a position and income exploiting the EUroSceptic cause some of us believe in it!

Greg L-W.

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