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Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, their anti UKIP claque & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



having just come in and having decided to check a quote from Butcher's gruby little forum on to comment to Steve Halden I note Septic is up early but then of course the continent is an hour ahead of us.

I note the posters self image but why use a photo of Eric Edmond?

The desperate efforts to distort and lie are so pathetic I usually ignore these muppets who - even they - are too ashamed to put their names to their lies, distortions and desparation, one can hardly blame them.

That they use multiple names and obfuscation speaks volumes of these scum - I have NEVER posted in any name but my own with intent to deceive (thats a bit muddling but I'm sure honest readers will understand my point!).

Clearly I could dishonourably hide my identity but then it would be difficult for people to contact me if they wished to correct an error - however it does leave me open to endlessly being libelled and smeared but fortunately the facts gainsay their lies time and again and as yet in 64 years no one has ever been able to establish I have ever lied or misled ANYONE deliberately or wittingly.

I stand by what I write and I try to be 100% ethical - it is sad when liars and cheats like Mark croucher seek to profit by that honesty as it is so very damaging for EUkip and those who pay him.

Let us look at what this piece of filth was too ashamed to put their name to - their posting is in blue and my comments are interleaved in black in italics:
Senior Member skeptyk has some supporters skeptyk's Avatar

Well as per usual, Whatkins has got onto this forum which he swears he never reads
Why the childish name does it make him feel more grown up and mature?

Where have I EVER said I don't read Forums? I have said I frequently don't bother as there is so little to learn and rarely does it address facts or The EU and NEVER informs in any way of value - it is the childrens' playground for the foul mouthed, self serving and rather unpleasant squabbling members left in EUkip - few of whom one would wish EVER to meet.

and has now claimed that he has shamed UKIP into publishing their expenses.
 I do believe we did - we made it known at the beginning of the week in conversation we had obtained some of them and when I had all of them on the 3rd. I posted the first one early on Friday morning - at which time I believe you will find they were not readily available on the internet - I note you claim not to have read them until later that same day. I noted within the last 12 hours OR SO that they were up on an obscure EU web site not even linked from EUkip or their web site.

You will note my later comments once they were up clearly stated where people could find the unconvincing figures. You can not for a moment believe that ANY of the sketchy inconsequential obfuscation could be termed ACCOUNTS in any meaningful way and to so dishonestly pass them off as such makes yet more of a liar of Farage who first announce that to ENSURE TRANSPARENCY EUkip MEPs would publish their accounts every 1/4. This statement was made, as I recal, at the same time he PROMISED no EUkip elected Official would ever employ a family member - no doubt Croucher can remind us f the exact date back in about 1999.

Farage lied then and he is telling lies now.
These ARE NOT ACCOUNTS and they are NOT TRANSPARENCY - furthermore why have EUkip MEPs positioned themselves as EFD MEPs and distanced themselves from the party and principles which elected them?
Not quite sure of that one Gregory, seeing as I was reading them on Friday (5/3/10) and I see that neither you nor Junius had published them by then so to claim that you personally shamed UKIP into publishing this information is as fatuous and false a story as you have ever claimed, which by your standards is quite something.

Something of a failure of spin and a failure of smear that rather backfires on you doesn't it - with lies like this no wonder you are too ashamed to put your name to them.

So for all of you on the defence fund, Whatkins, Warry, West and (depending who one spoke to) Edmond, who campaigned for transparency of UKIP
Indeed we did and I am proud to say that every one of us continues to campaign for transparency of the public purse and seek to expose the endemic and systemic theft that would appear  to be very much the ethos of EUkip - be that Farage admitting he had made around £2 million - where it is known he banked 100s of £1,000s in overseas accounts and less than 15% of the money collected via the Ashford scams ever reached the party, where £1/4 million was removed and banked in a private bank account in one instance alone.

Then of course there was the unlawful series of lotteries that in theory may over the years have made a further £million - then we have the clear detailing of the media how MEPs can and do line their pockets to the tune of £1 Million per electoral term. We then note that Large sums of money would seem to have been laundered through credit card facilities in a privately owned hotel. It is also noted that much work has been paid without any concept of tendering as with the amounts of money paid to Stuart Gulleford's Mother, ostensibly but untransparently for so called research.

I gather Gerard Batten's brother is unlikely to have been unrewarded as a printer without tender - the apparent fidles run to £Millions and I presume for your lies, dishonesty and spin you are well rewarded all be it much too ashamed to put your identity to your mallevolent behaviour.

whilst denying it in return of their own accounts
I have NEVER denied them but I have unequivocally stated they are none of your damned business - none whatsoever. You are too ashamed to even put your name to your cowardly dishonesty. The day I am accountable to a sock puppet too ashamed to admit who they are is never going to come.

A private fund, contributed to privately and disbursed privately to the satisfaction of those who contributed is absolutely none of your business nor that odious, dishonest, dishonourable excrecence Mark Croucher despite the fact that you cave carried on your icestuous conversation for some 20,000 viewings to see just how very unpleasant EUkip and its staff and supporters are and just how distanced from the UKIP that existed until the likes of you befouled it.

- let UKIPs transparency reports be an example of how to be transparent.
They are as you must realise a total embarrassment not just a day late and a Dollar short but dishonest and self serving they are an object lesson in how not to behave in public office when handling public money.

Nigel Farage is seen beyond a doubt to be a liar and a cheat and his MEPs also as these are NOT accounts they are a travesty not a transparency. Even the pond life that remains in support of EUkip in its new EU based status of The EFD MEPs can only posture and prance in defence of such dishonesty on the part of the EFD MEPs.
As none of you people are in any position to judge transparency of anyone,
I can and do judge and I have every right as a tax payer funding the dishonesty of EUkip to do so and I find and believe without exception that EUkip's remaining MEPs are criminally wanting in honesty, probity, transparency, integrity and honour - filth beneath contempt to a man.
given your own reticence to offer it on your defence fund,
I neither offer it nor proffer it and unlike EUkip MEPs who seem to have stolen £Millions between them I am not obliged to even consider casually informing you or any of the filth that supports the corruption, dishonesty and outright theft that would seem to pass for transparency in EUkip. That you choose to support corruption and do so without being man enough to identify yourself speaks volumes of the veracity and legitimacy of your behaviour.

I rather hope that you will see UKIPs example as something for you confidence tricksters to aspire to.
Clearly a libel but consider the source! A liar, a cheat and too ashamed and embarrassed to put your name to your serial dishonesty and unpleasant and childish posturing - I note you post your lies and libels in public in a sheltered Forum aided by the dishonesty of its administrators who provide a platform for filth like you to perform. Sadly it speaks volumes of just how controlled the weak and self important Anthony Butcher is that he provides such a platform for you to lie and defame without one shred of factual evidence of any consequence you are a vile creep and he is little better.

Anyway, seeing as the UKIP reports were for 6months,
I note you no longer pretend they were accounts and clearly they show Farage to have lied and gained votes in May based on deception - why are we not surprised.

I would imagine that we will get the first half of this years report sometime in the summer.
But when will we get the Quarterly ACCOUNTS promised and when will there be an honest attempt at transparency?

I very much doubt such accounts will be forthcoming and it is unlikely they will materialise once EUkip as a party is transfered to being The EFD and it is wuld up unable to honour the debts Farage and his corrupt cronies earned and saDDLED THE MISBEGOTTEN nec WITH.

A good start from UKIP - long may it continue
An abject failure on the part of EUkip - dishonestly manipulated obfuscation on an alien web site distanced from the members and electorate and in breech of any spirit of integrity and honour in the lies of Nigel Farage - transparency can not be expected to continue - there is no sign it has commenced.

Skeptic - whoever you are you are not just a disgrace to the EUroSceptic movement you are an excrecence to mankind.

RESPONSE ADDED AT C04:00hrs. 09-Mar-2010

Clearly in cowardice - aware that they were unable to give an honest answer made a posting that is so typically another pack of lies - as shown to be the Croucher style - all dishonest spin and total lack of substance!

A style of behaviour which has almost finally destroyed EUkip befouled by such dishonesty and corruption.

Here is the unpleasant little cowards wheedling to try to justify their dishonesty:

Right then, I know this might be slightly off-topic and for that I apologise, but seeing as Whatkins has chosen to respond on his blog to my points made earlier, I feel it apposite to respond - I can't be bothered emailing him or putting a comment in the necessary bits on his blog for I think I know he will not show what I write or will at least edit my comments in his favour.
Well I guess it is an attempt to justify which one would expect a coward and a liar to use - too ashamed to put his name to his wheedling dishonesty - why are we not surprised, it is so very typical of EUkip.

To date, despite the lies and bluster these cowardly liars in Croucher's style have proved completely unable to identify a single consequential error on ANY of my blogs or 'e'Mails.

Stop telling lies you sordid little coward.
I cannot see him responding to this as to do so would admit his lies on at least one count but I shall let you judge;
Why might I not? I have frequently offered to attend a meeting near my area and am happy to face any form of adult cross examination you may wish in public. To imply otherwise is totally dishonest of you and so very cowardly.

I have NEVER refused to meet - ask BobFM who was too cowardly to meet as it fitted his image to lie about me and was clearly scared of the truth.

EUkip's present North Swindon candidate has also declined a debate stating he lacks the facts to debate - yet he wants to be an MP!!!

He really does seem to believe that there is no standard too low to adopt to fulfil his ambitions - he even finds it acceptable to help the vile Racist, violent and anti Jewish pro EU EFD - just how low has EUkip sunk!

Right first of all Whatkins - forgive my spelling, but anyone who refers to people as the BobFM
 Check through the record on Butcher's sordid forum and even a coward like you will find you have yet again lied - I doubt you will have the integrity to put your identity to your lies and appologise.

or The Desk
& why not - there is a clear relevance in that the ONLY plausible link to the Liberal Prime Minister  over 100 years ago that David Bannerman was EVER able to clearly establish was that his Father had owned the man's desk.

That David Bannerman has been proven a liar and a cheat is thus irrefutable as he NEVER managed to provide one shred of documentary evidence to substantiate his dishonest claim - but made much of it to cheat the electorate.

There is mre likelihood that David Bannerman is the illegitimate son of either his Mother or his Father as he has still not provided his full birth certificate and seems not to be registered when he claims in The India Book - there is much reason to believe he is a fraud and strangely was unable to remember any details of a part of his claimed schoolin/education.

That the VERY BEST this dishonest little creep could achieve to identify himself was to cheat and lay claim to ownership of a desk!!

So another failure of dishonest spin so typical of EUkip and the Croucher style.

really isn't in any position to pull people over spelling of one's name -
Spell my name how you like if it empowery you as clearly you are too cowardly even to use yours.
anyway, can I ask re the accounts; do you honestly think that the accounts were hurriedly compiled and published online as a way to pre-empt your claim to have received Clark's accounts.
No - did you? I know they have been around for some time - that I made it known I had them and although EUkip/EFD knew they were clearly inadequate and thus had not posted them.

Nowhere was the information realistically available on the web - they still aren't!

I published the outline of Deadwood Derek's overnight on the Thursday - YOU CLAIM, but too cowardly to put your name to it, that you found the material on the Friday - some days later you claim to have read the material! I do not believe any part of your story as you would have flagged them up on the Friday and also would have realised they were utterly irrelevant and wholly inadequate.

I know on many facts you are a liar and I also believe you have lied here.

What is YOUR excuse for Farage's lies and the EFD/EUkip failure to make their so called 'Transparency' transparent having hidden them on an obscure web site where the MEPs are clearly gone native.
Are you suggesting that these figures were drawn from thin air as an immediate way to counteract your publishing of Clark's accounts.
No and neither did I claim they did.
Do you honestly think that someone in UKIP though 'Quick, Whatkins has Clark's accounts, lets get some out there before he releases them all'. Get real.
Very Real and it does clearly look as if EUkip had its hand forced. It matters not as they failed to honour Farage's promise.

Do you happen to know if they ever intend to act ethically and publish their accounts as promised?

And as I have said earlier, I would find it highly amusing if you people actually paid someone to provide the accounts of an MEP who's details were online already.
What a foolish idea when there are so many staff and members who are disgusted by EUkip's behaviour and have supplied material consistently. I appreciate as a dishonest coward you may find it hard to trust others but be assured I have NEVER paod for any EUkip information nor EVER been paid for information about EUkip.
But as you claim that in these figures are 'unconvincing', can I suggest that you log your concerns with the appropriate authorities
What authority might you suggest - you will be aware that I am in contact with various authorities over the lies, corruption, dishonesty, frauds,, embezellments and thefts as perceived of EUkip. Have you any suggestions as to who you may have notified what YOU perceive to be a crime to?

That I make material facts known on my various blogs clear and honestly portrayed proves adequate for some authorities and press to further investigate. I have never been concerned about the numbers who read my blogs I have been very flattered by the calliber who do and just howmany contact me and use the material - as with the imprisonment of Tom Wise - I tend not to let go. I also make a point of only publishing the truth - hence my blog has a following who know they can count on the facts.

I appreciate there are those who find my style not to their choice but when they decide to pay me I might consider their opinions! One advantage of not having to lick another man's boots!

In my inportunity it would seem I have achieved the independence for which some Millionaires strive!
- if they have stated they would provide such figures quarterly, then they do deserve some criticism for not fulfilling that obligation.
They stated some 10 years ago they would provide accounts - in 2004 Farage PROMISED transparency and accounts.

In May, as I have shown, Farage PROMISED EACH elected Officer would provide accounts in full quarterly for transparency as an antedote to his claimed dishonesty of MPs.

When will a EUkip/EFD MEP publish his FIRST set of Qiarterly ACCOUNTS - rather than this insulting twaddle dashed out seemingly because I had obtained copies and was publishing them.
But as it is, I shall accept the figures they have given us - you wanted transparency, they have given you the transparency you have asked for and even then you complain.
Since you know nothing of integrity, honesty or morality and lack even the decency to put your identity to you lies and smears I care not whether you are fobbed off with this dishonest attempt at obfuscation.

Indeed I do complain they are already proven to be dishonest - they have shown that they are willing to collude in fraud - they have betrayed the electorate, not I - It is they who are liars Racists, anti Jewish, sexually intollerant advocates of violence as members of The EFD dishonestly assisting the EU and those who have chosen membership of the EU within the EFD.

It is they who are clearly achieving NOTHING of value for the peoples of Britain and have betrayed our Country and those who voted for them Indeed I complain at the fact they promised their full accounts 1/4ly in a move of transparency - when might we expect them to commence?
And i might add they have shown a darn sight more transparency than you gave as well!!!
The difference being your concern at a private matter, showing your misunderstanding of accounts and the difference between public funding and funding by voluntary contribution by members of the public. Further you conveniently fail, no doubt deliberately and dishonestly to recall it was made clear to donors that the fund would be confidential - YOu have neither a right nor any claim to information under any circumstances even were you less of a coward and put your name to your underhand behaviour and clear dishonesty.

But for those who do think that Whatkins has credibility and has never, ever, ever lied, please look at these two quotes from Whatkins regarding the 'defence fund' he is so keen to keep hidden (despite asking the general public to donate) and ask yourself how on God's earth can both of these statements be true. At the very least, one is a lie... For the record, these statements were made a few weeks apart...

I shall leave it to Niall warry to point out YET AGAIN, your dishonesty and your stupidity - not to forget your abject failure to identify the lie you dishonesty claim

Quote Originally Posted by GLW
John West at no stage in time received a single penny piece as cash or cheque, nor any other sum of money, from the so called defence fund, Niall Warry or myself towards ANY legal costs he may have incurred in seeking to expose the corruption of EUkip nor UKIP nor any individual therein - either for past cases, current cases or ongoing cases. There was NEVER an intent to fund his costs, particularly in the light of the Sanders findings! source: Junius on UKIP: Greg Lance-Watkins on the lies of Mark Croucher
Quote Originally Posted by GLW
Anyway - at last herewith John West's statement on todays resounding victory and he asked how he could pay off the money he had received from the defence fund that had aided him throughout but we have declined as the donations were made in good faith and he had acquitted his end of the bargain by his efforts to clean up EUkip in the intention of TRYING to make it electable, which clearly it is not in any rational or honourable way. - source: CATERPILLARS and BUTTERFLIES: #759* - EUkip EARNS ANOTHER GUILTY VERDICT!
Gregory - why would John West offer to repay monies he got from the defence fund when a few weeks earlier, you emphatically said he never received any and not only that, was never intended to receive any...
VERY SIMPLE - Here is Niall Warry's reply provided yet again!

Your query is very simple to answer and has been answered by me before.

As GLW said JW did not receive any money towards any legal costs which is not to say he did not receive money for his out of pocket expenses which is what he offered to try and repay but we declined his offer.

I have tried to avoid re-entering your world of spin and distortion on this matter but I felt the above comment appropriate just to prove what a merchant of spin you are and how quite frankly there is no level to which you will not stoop to distort things for your own ends.

My thanks to Niall - for the record I would incline to ignore Mark Croucher's dishonesty, spin and lies in future and particularly thos of the sock muppets too dishonest and cowardly put their names to their lies and distortions.
 I get a feeling he won't answer these queries...
Septic - why would I not be prepared to reply as having told the truth throughout I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of unlike you who are so ashamed of your behaviour you are unwilling to put your identity to it.

You are a liar as proven, you are a coward as proven, you are duplicitous and dishonest as proven - You have all the answers such filth might reasonably expect to receive.

I doubt you will have the integrity or morality to post the whole of this blog which exposes you for the filth you clearly are on Butcher's Forum - I expect you to take the cowards option and try to get the Croucher identity or one of the other sock muppets to try to justify your behaviour and claim you could not post all of this on the forum for some invented technical reason - as you really are beneath contempt in all your vile personnas.


What is the exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU. It is the DUTY of our Politicians and Snivil Cervants to ensure the continuity, liberty and right to self determination of our peoples they have a DUTY to protect against crime and secure both our food and our border.

NONE of these DUTIES has a single British politician upheld for 40 years. They have drawn their incomes fraudulently and dishonesty.

Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.
Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU's CAP - In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we thus leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:


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