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Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, their anti UKIP claque & the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



it was brought to my attention that little Stuart Parr had been making a fool of himself on EUkip's official blog site Bloggers4UKIP - I appreciate he willingly published the lies from Seymour and clearly hadn't a clue what he was talking about - here is a copy of his sad and childish posting:

Jill Seymour statement on NEC resignation

Back in October, the EU activist and Junius blogger, Greg Limp-Wrist, wrote one of his rambling anti-UKIP posts about Jill Seymour in which he made up a story about her resignation from the NEC.

Like most people, Jill doesn't bother reading the JEUnius blog and has only just seen the drivel Greg Limp-Wrist wrote but she has asked us to publish the following statement in response to it:
Simply, I shall be attending just 3 more meetings before the next NEC Election. I did not quit in disgust, it was in fact due to party rules that you cannot sit on the NEC if employed by a MEP. Regarding Mr West I did feel no candidate should have had a video exposed in the way it was and made my feelings known. Material matter on any candidate should always be treated with respect and sensitivity. We are not career politicians but people that care for this country. I do have a very personal view on many things within UKIP and have never always followed any one individual. I would also like it if he was so kind to note my name is Jill Seymour.
Now let me see if I can work this out as it is such nonsense.

Little Stuart Parr sadly tries to look clever by insulting me - so what! He will have to explain his playground name calling as most grown ups would see the phrase 'limp-wrist' as anti homosexual so why is he anti homosexual does anyone know? That he tries to slur me as homosexual - so what? He just shows what a fool he is!

I wonder why he lied about Jill Seymore having resigned - has he not a clue what is going on in EUkip?

The idiot then says I am Junius, which clearly I am not. Then he implies the factual information I have supplied about EUkip for many years is suspect - just look at the 100% track record and grown ups will draw their own conclusions - NOT ONE SINGLE FACT of any consequence which I have published has, even with years of hindsight, been shown to be inaccurate.

Draw your own conclusion who is providing the facts!

Then we have the lamentable appologia from Jill Seemor which is not just untrue - it is a lie. Furthermore I have copies of the 'e'mails that show that she has lied beyond any doubt - an appology will suffice from the silly woman alternatively perhaps she would like to see her own 'e'Mails published proving she is not just a liar but a fool to boot.

For someone who doesn't keep up with EUkip's antics by reading the blogs she seems all too able to misrepresent them! Her loyal but dim husband, poor old chap, was duped into making a bit of a pratt of himself as I have published previously on my blog.

Perhaps you will find the facts I published in the comments sector of Junius blog of more help in understanding the position.

I understand young Stuart Parr brings no experience, less knowledge and seemingly no adult judgement to his role as a boot licker on bloggers4ukip - but really he does little more than make EUkip look predictably imature, self serving and foolish.

We note on the one hand the idiotic Seymor implies she did not resign from the NEC, then she states she had to resign as she was inelligible as an employee - then we all know she was so useless that Sinclaire was forced to get rid of her due to her incompetence and illiteracy - clearly Sinclaire had failed to check her skills at writing but as Petrina Holdsworth could have told her Seymore is near illiterate and had proved incapable of keeping even NEC minutes!

Here are the facts as presented by Junius - I hope they help people understand just how dishonest Seemaw is and how childishly gullible little Stuart Parr is:

Thursday, 8 October 2009

The ballad of Seymour & Farage or how Junius learned to stop worrying and love Nigel's tie

We at Junius have a bit of a soft spot for Jill Seymour. She means well and really does want the best for our country. And to her credit she was extremely unhappy with the treatment dished out to the likes of Martin Haslam, Robin Page, John West, Petrina Holdsworth, Del Young and the rest of those pesky ex-UKIPPERS.

Unfortunately, she could never quite manage to pull herself away from Nigel’s immense gravitational field and so lacked the will to speak out against some of the more unsavoury aspects of UKIP.

We knew there would be trouble when she started to work for Nikki Sinclaire. Lady Jane - as she is known in friendly UKIPPER circles - is sadly not as good as some when it comes to the written word. Problems soon arose between the two and Jill finally left the fold.

Jill also resigned from the NEC and various other official positions in the West Midlands.

Sadly, she is now regarded by some UKIPPERS as a traitor and a turncoat. Join the club, dear!

And to make matters worse she has been accused of being involved with the True UKIP bloggers!

“Jill, we all thought you were better then this!!!”

“Jill you were always the running joke in the west midlands, you’re one massive joke and this blog proves it, get a f*** life”

End of quotes.

Poor Jill! However, my good friends at ‘True UKIP’ tell me that Jill is not involved with their blog. And having read some of her recent emails I can assure you it's not our Jill!

Here is one of True UKIP’s most recent offerings:

Jill Seymour, one of the West Midland’s most active and prominent UKIP members appears to have thrown the towl in. First she resigned from the NEC, resigned her positions at her local branches and then as ‘Regional Liason Officer’. A title she probably found out was made up and had nothing to do for anyone, which meant that the money offering couldn’t have been too good.

This news will probably come as a shock to anybody who has met Seymour as she has always been a high spirited and dedicated UKIP member and activist. What can she have seen or heard that so disgusted her to leave the continuing sinking ship? Her UKIP Twitter account which used to be updated at least weekly was last updated in August.

Jill Seymour lists one of her hobbies as assisting disadvantaged people, perhaps she’s gone over to help Gerrard Batten in that case? The fact that he’s considered a career as a Hitler and Charlie Chaplin look-a-like isn’t his only disadvantage, his biggest is the fact that his arch enemy Ralph Atkinson has far more people on his side then him and his egotistical cronies Paul Chicken Wiffen and Lawrence Webb-of-Lies thinks.

What has caused Jill Seymour to throw in the towl? Did she think she’d be getting more money from Nikki Sinclair? Or did she learn that Nikki will probably be defecting very soon as a result of the European Parliament grouping, with her leadership bid being a front to con everyone?

To view the original: LINK

Keep up the good work!

I must say I thought Junius was very kind to her and politely overlooked Farage's position in her status! We are aware that she had taken her problem to Farage when Sinclaire was forced to off load her, seemingly considering her an inept liability - we understand Farage did a fair bit to help her but would not intervene.
Now consider the comments - which I stand by - The John Page is of course the respected blogger The Purple Scorpion, who regularly posts on Junius blog!


Greg L-W. said...
Hi, with regard to Nikki's rather simplistic bid to get the title but none of the control, cash, say, status, staff, information, access, money, support, media, press office, and so much more besides - all of which EUkip's own performing monkey so clearly stated in his speech on gratitude & humility at the conference is being retained, because as Farage told everyone 'he is very, very clever' but wants to dump the title and the dull unglamorous part of the job! Perhaps he is merely following his idols advice, when Margaret Thatcher said: 'if you want someone to talk about a job hire a man, but if you want the job done hire a woman' or some such! Junius have opted to quote TrUkip:Or did she learn that Nikki will probably be defecting very soon as a result of the European Parliament grouping, with her leadership bid being a front to con everyone? I believe they are wrong - I believe Nikki has joined the fray, not with the aim of winning as she is not so foolish as to pick up litter for Farage whatever the title - I believe she has played a political 'blinder' indeclaring her loyalty to the original ethics and principles of UKIP she has exposed EUkip and the chicanery of Farage and his puppets and muppets, inclusing Pearson who is sooooo out of touch he is just a puppet until Farage wants the job back after the GE and Court cases! This in turn has exposed the duplicity of David Bannerman standing aside on the promise of continued deputy leadership and if Farage gets elected & sits with The Tories Bannerman hopes to take over from Pearson! As a track record that I just might be right - go to my blog and track when I first stated Nattrass would stand as a spoiler or for that matter that Andreasen was a fraud merely using EUkip's political naivite led by Farage - Both of which have been shown to be true. Regards, Greg L-W.
John Page said...

So "towl" wasn't a typo then....
Greg L-W. said...
John, 'Towl' wasn't the password anyway! The caption on the picture was 'How can we get out of here without being noticed, we're surrounded by water'. Regards, Greg L-W.

I trust this helps readers to make their own judgement and see little Stuart Parr for the dishonest and gullible youngster he is, Jill is I believe well meaning merely stupid and as the next in line as an MEP which may be why Farage has tried so hard to remove Sinclaire! With the best will in the world she is NOT upto being an MEP especially as she has shown how easily confused she is and how obviously unlitterate!

On the one hand she claims she didn't resign - she then tells us that as an employee she stood down (she also, as her 'e'Mail makes clear, resigned ALL her offices in EUkip incuding branch chairman!) But despite the factual evidence I have she misguidedly misinforms her public.

Gill Seymour RESIGNED from ALL her offices in EUkip - to just stroll back in based on a pack of lies sadly speaks volumes of her integrity and that of EUkip leadership - especially when you consider the number of staff who serve on the NEC despite the rules Gill proffers, then consider the obvious incompetence EUkip legal advice whether from La Oxley or Zucherman now we have the not very bright Seemore explaining why she resigned and then stating she didn't resign!! One has to wonder at the caliber of EUkip's NEC and leadership as they again and again make fools of themselves and demean the party.

Then we have the idiotic hirelings and paid praise singers - is it any wonder they have been daft enough to rack up £3/4 Million of debt and now risk yet further costs in a gamble on insured costs where they MAY find their insurance policy fails to stand up as they are using a device that is likely to be put to legal test in the near future. The process is such that they get a schlenter lawyer who will work for an insured very low fee if he loses but will if he wins charge multiples of his value, a measure of the integrity of the lawyer and his client - just the sort of underhand device Judges abhor and decent people reject.


What is the exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU. It is the DUTY of our Politicians and Snivil Cervants to ensure the continuity, liberty and right to self determination of our peoples they have a DUTY to protect against crime and secure both our food and our border.

NONE of these DUTIES has a single British politician upheld for 40 years. They have drawn their incomes fraudulently and dishonesty.

Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.
Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU's CAP - In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we thus leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:


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