Sunday, 24 January 2010

TECHIE PROBLEMS!!! c10:30 - 21-JAN-2010 to date!!!


sorry if you have been inconvenienced in any way - at about 10:30hrs on Thursday during a phone call my line vanished - I tried the internet and my high speed broadband vanished also!!

My thanks to various friends who have let me use their phones - I have pressed so many numbers on key pads and held for periods of 30 & 40 minutes listening to recordings of people claiming to be busy - (I'm not of course I am merely the client!).

Har they run a linguaphone tape instead of a confession that they are utterly inefficient and do not have edequate staff I could have learned Hindi whilst I waited for call centres!

Finally with due inefficiency I was allocated a 'slot' for a technician to come and fix it with the warning that if it was my kit at fault it would cost £127 + vat for the call out - eventually at 13:20hrs. on Saturday a chappie with a huge van & two ladders turned up (how does one guy climb 2 ladders?) less than an hour later still unable to identify the cause of the problem he wired in the other line in the cable (had he doen thet in the first placeit would have taken 5 minutes) woopie - dialing tone.

Good luck - Oh broadband, well that can take upto 15 minutes to resume. OK off he goes.

I made 3 phone calls and the line died!!!

I've kicked everything and 2.1/2 hours on a friend's phone later it is working but as they had no idea why it vanished before I have little confidence of it continuing to function!

I thought I would place this message whilst I can to inform those who have tried to contact me with information why all they could get was engaged tone - to thank the unknown warrior who tracked down Lesley to check and see if Lee and I were OK, thank you and I gather someone phoned, Nikki, Dawn, Maxine, Nadine, and others I expect!!

I have a number of Blogs to read and make sure messages reached them so that they could publish 'snippets' I received whilst off line. Then 100s of 'e'Mails to read then start going once I've caught up a bit.

I gather EUkip's problems are increasing and even Douglas Denny has been making a case for EUthenasia to have him put out of his misery - he gives a long list of countries he would rather be in but having been to or lived in most of them I think he can thank his lucky stars he never managed to get there as he would have failed even earlier in life.

Being off line I have fallen somewhat behind in that I have agreat deal more information to add regarding The EFD-EU which you can catch up with as I add it at CLICK HERE

I've got some more to add to the factual blog about Douglas Denny showing his clear dishonesty and damage and corruption of EUkip, at the moment regarding his collusion in the cover-up of Tom Wise's criminality and his deliberate obfuscation, blocking procedure and refusal to try to clean up EUkip by holding a disciplinary hearing for Wise to either clear his name and bring a legal case against The Sunday Telegraph or be proven guilty and suspended whilst EUkip assisted the Police. For more details of Douglas Denny's damaging corruption and dishonesty CLICK HERE

I also have a copy of a catalogue of errors in EUkip written by an obvious insider. Unfortunately there is nothing new and it rather undermines itself by the fact that the authors lack the integrity and moral conviction to put their name to their summary - though I do hear that although it is a little harsh on him (rightly so for his dishonourable behaviour re Sinclaire & Islam) Lord Pearson Farage's puppet leader put in place, we understand, on Stuart Wheeler's insistance as with Farage with his sticky fingers near the pot was not to be bailed out for his crass stupidity and childish dishonesty that has left the party with a Guilty verdict in the Courts and a £3/4 Million debt whilst such a fool was still leader so he ostensibly stood aside!!

Oh well - must catch up!!

Sorry if you have missed out on your steady supply of substantive facts about EUkip and the vile mess they are getting into as they bury their snouts ever deeper in the trough and send out their liars and low lifes to cheat and bully to keep the flow of self enrichment flowing. Of course these odious people are fighting like rats in a corner - most of them could NEVER get a job that paid a fraction as much based on merit and a number of them have either resrted to crime or have been serial failures before striking it rich on this rich seam betraying Britain, their electorate and the party for no more than venal gain - allied with whatever scum will make them the most money making deal after deal to secure their scams.

Let us hope the internet remains a tool for us all to expose corruption and lies despite the dishonesty and corrupt efforts of EUkip to not just suppress freedom of choice in clothing but also to suppress freedom of speech and honest material being published about them on the internet - scared even of lampoon for their frailty and venality being exposed.

Let us hope the public are sufficiently aware that they reject these evil people and their self serving bullying on every count in the General Election as clearly they have nothing to offer the peoples of Britain with their new racist views and policies, their Islamaphobic drivel, their xenophobia and anti Judaism muddled with their Zionism in display of their lack of vision or understanding of politics yet supporting corruption, dishonesty, abuse of the Courts and self serving behaviour.

Back to work, now that I have the internet and phone working! Keep your fingers crossed for luck seems to take precedence over technology, whilst evil has triumphed too long as we fund corrupt politicians whilst working only for truth unpaid! My choice I accept but I put my country and my values which were those of Britain ahead of any income!!

Gain is clearly the motivating factor of filth like Batten, Colman, Denny, Malcolm Wood, Farage, Bannerman, Andreasen, Agnew, Nuttall, Croucher, Reeve and the rest of the crew clearly all too willing to support racism, anti Judaism, xenophobia, violence and bullying for personal gain whilst attacking those with honest concerns and those willing to stand up for honesty, integrity and principles with morality and ethics who are attacked for exposing the filth that has risen like solids in a septic tank within EUkip.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:


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