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#555* - Piers MERCHANT

#555* - Piers MERCHANT

Dear All,

I received a phonecall this afternoon that I would rather not have received.

You may be aware that my old sparring partner 'Roger Knapman's Pole Dancing Consultant' - Piers Merchant has been having problems with his back since around Christmas, which varied between discomfort and inconvenience and uncontrollable and debilitating pain.

Piers has had tests, physio, treatment, MRI scans, endless visits to Doctors and Specialists and none had managed, even with at least an arm full of blood for tests, to establish the cause of the problem.

During this period his elderly Mother has died, and he has been dealing with her terminal illness, funeral arrangements and probate - not to mention clearing her home all some 200 miles away in Nottingham!

This afternoon Helen, his wife, called me - I was aware Piers had gone into hospital for further tests Friday week ago.

I regret to inform you that the results are now in and it is my sad duty to pass on to you that Piers Merchant has been diagnosed as having advanced multiple site metastatic cancer. The prognosis is I regret terminal.

Many will be aware that I have been somewhat more fortunate in that I presented with cancer symptoms in November 1998 and have had major organ cancer and a radical nephrectomy in 2001 and ongoing sporadic outbreaks since then for which I am regularly tested. Touch wood I am still OK.

Piers who was born in January 1951, to my 1946, is it seems not to be so fortunate as I.

As several of you will know I am often an early port of call for many with cancer; those who seek either to discuss it or their options, or merely to fulminate at their misfortune. Any who find themselves in need are welcome to seek such help as they feel I may be able to give - been there done that, got the TShirt and the video is, I am pleased to say, still running!

Helen is being, as one would expect, very stoic about the situation and has taken leave of absence from her very responsible job in London and is supported by their children. Their daughter is no longer at home but their son is 17 and lives at home still.

Piers is suffering from that stage of the illness that leaves one in some pain but near constant drowsiness, largely I assume from the use of Oromorph and similar pain suppresants.

Helen tells me that they will be seeing the oncologist shortly to discuss the possibilities of chemotherapy.

Let us all hope that Piers is spared further serious pain and able to enjoy some more of this, to date, glorious summer, in the garden he has so much enjoyed, able to maintain his ability for the 'bon mote' and interjection of sound advice, to the end.

For those who are still curious may I assure you one and all that Mark Croucher acting it seems as an agent provocateur for his vile extremist associates in Searchlight either wittingly or unwittingly lied about Piers Merchant earlier in the year, when he tried to appear clever by attacking him.

I gather Piers' friends and many others were aware that Piers was unable to deal with his computer messages and was unwell to the extent of not answering his phone much of the time - Piers was not at any time Junius, as Mark Croucher dishonestly claimed he was, to seem clever. Further the insertion of Piers as a listing on EUkip's computer was NOT at his behest but hardly surprising as he was a senior staff member of EUkip, of some ability.

Helen hopes NOT to be contacted by yet more EUkippers on any business or political matters and hopes that she and her family can deal with the next period of their lives together with family and friends.

I do however believe that any cards of well wishes for Piers would probably be of great comfort but I regret a reply would seem unlikely.

My thoughts are with Helen and their children and my hopes are for Piers who at 58 is too damned young to be facing this, but it is clearly stated that life is what gets in the way of one's plans!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

Here is an extract from his Wikipedia entry as at 00:30hrs.

Piers Rolf Garfield Merchant (born 2 January 1951) is a politician in the United Kingdom.

He was Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Beckenham, but resigned in October 1997.

Before he became an MP he was a journalist and marketing officer. Merchant was educated at Nottingham High School and the University of Durham where he was Senior Man of University College's JCR.

He was first elected to the House of Commons at the 1983 general election, for the Newcastle Central constituency, he lost the seat at the June 1987 general election. He stood for Beckenham at the 1992 general election and won.

His resignation was caused, MPs cannot technically resign; instead he took the offices of Steward of the Manor of Northstead, which automatically led to his disqualification.

In the 2004 European Parliament election, Merchant stood for the UK Independence Party in the North East England constituency, at the top of their party list. He was not elected.

Piers Merchant worked for some years, in various capacities, for EUkip, having been at one time political advisor to Roger Knapman, the EUkip leader during their sucessful 2004 election, and also for a short time acted as EUkip General Secretary, until a suitable individual could be found full time.

In 2005, Merchant relocated to Great Torrington in North Devon. Merchant is also a member of Mensa[citation needed].

[edit] News
It is with regret that I inform you that in early July 2009 Piers was diagnosed as having advanced multi site metastatic cancer, the prognosis being bleak. His wife Helen supported by their two children is with him at this time. (07-Jul-09)

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