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#553* - EUkip MEP Tom WISE & Lindsay JENKINS

#553* - EUkip MEP Tom WISE & Lindsay JENKINS

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives the remaining 10%
a bad name!

EUkip MEP Tom WISE & Lindsay JENKINS !


I understand that Tom Wise, elected as a EUkip MEP remained one until he opted not to renew his EUkip membership in March this year.

Tom Wise remains an MEP until 14th. July 2009.

This is a technical status as all MEPs from the past so called EU Parliament remain MEPs until the 14th., just as Roger Knapman has remained an MEP and has taken full advantage of this I understand, campaigning in the EU corridors of deceit and shame to expose Farage and his cronies for what they are.

There is a great deal of annimus between these two as Knapman is assured that Farage 'dobbed him in' to Daniel Foggo over the affair of his families people traffiking business and his personal and hypocritical exploitation of EU regulations to displace British skilled tradesmen using Polish labour imported by his son at minimum wage and near impossible hours and conditions for a British tradesman.

It is the certainty that Farage was behind this that convinced him that Farage had deliberately debarred him from a Peerage (dellusional) for which he believed himself in competition with Farage!!!

Anyway interesting as the rivalry may be and the possible outcome may have been that Farage was left in the arms of the vile extremists of the EU working to assist them in getting extra money, as a spin off of his own prostitution of EUkip and any residual principle some may have had for money at any cost!

You may recall that Tom Wise MEP and his assistant Lindsay Jenkins who was an occasional speech writter for Farage, surrendered to bail and were arrested on the 8th. of June to apear in Court at Westminster Court in Horseferry Road.

They were remanded on bail to The Court to appear at Southwark Crown Courts at a date to be advised.

We now know that Tom Wise will surrender to bail the day after he ceases to be an MEP together with Lindsay Jenkins, to answer the various criminal charges against them before Southwark Crown Court to make their respective plees. This clearly is a formality but will I presume establish howmany days are to be allocated for the case and little more - it may provide a date for the case also.

Wise having been the EUkip MEP for The Eastern Region there may be some spin off of significance for the Norwich bye election which as I recall is due on the 23rd. July. Though it would be reasonable to assume the allegations of Glenn Tingle's undenied membership of The National Front some years ago may prove more significant as I understand the Rev. West the BNP candidate is sheduled to release Glenn's letter of resignation during the campaign.

Perhaps the so called Rev. West might take the opportunity of squaring the circle of his Appostolic Church in Wales certificate, linking 'Elder' through translation from the Greek as 'Priest', which I understand is the source of his self proclaimed ordination!!

Two quick points:

I am unsure whether the translation was involved with translation from Weslsh, Greek or some other linguistic gymnastic, also may I make it clear that although it is in the Eastern region there is no connection between Lesley John West the UKIP supporter who was set upon when he started to expose the corruption.

West's position is yet more strange when you realise that he is candidate for TheBNP who are founded on and were funded from the American White Supremacist movement who consider the ritual murder of some 4-5,000, mostly young men for entertainment just because they are black.

I would like to believe the voters of Norwich will be more influenced by the facts for the future, rather than by the fraud and theft of tax payer's money now passed and being dealt with by the courts - that Nigel Farage speaks of Stuart Agnew as 'As thick as pig s**t, but he's got money'.
pssst: I'll vouch for that too!

Then there is David The Desk Bannerman.

A liar and a cheat.

Rationally you can not expect the voters of Norwich to vote for either EUkip or TheBNP who were so helped by EUkip's leadership team to get their 2 MEPs.

EUkip who are currently consorting with EU politicians who are so vile they make most BNP members look like pinko liberals!


What is the exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

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