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#582* - Lindsay JENKINS & Tom WISE IN COURT

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives the remaining 10%
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UPDATE 11-Sep-09
02:41hrs. & again 15:30hrs.:
Today Tom Wise & Lindsay Jenkins are scheduled to surrender to bail and appearbefore the Courts again where it is expected their trial will be confirmed to commence on November 2nd. with an allocation of an initial 8 days.

It seems probable that the Prosecution will finalise their list of witnesses and the defence theirs.

I understand that Jenkins has maintained her separation from Wise by using her own lawyers and I hear she was very unimpressed with Wise's law team albeit they are costing him a great deal.

There are those who believe that he would have been well advised to have pleaded guilty long ago and in humility make his appologies, throwing himself on the mercy of the Courts at an early stage as it seems on the evidence already in the public domain that he is bereft of a defence.

It can only be assumed that he has embroilled Jenkins in his scam and now further damages her chances as increasingly becoming aware that Wise is probably much too stupid to have rigged this without her help and clearly she can not complain as a researcher, published author, MBA and with her employment record and notable financial substance she can clearly not use a defence of not knowing what she was signing!

In view of the documentary evidence and apparent gadareen rush to repay the money when exposed as having stolen it and banked it in his personal account under false names for his personal use. Surely he can not wish to further annoy the Courts by seeking to use mittigation that all the other MEPs are bent and others are also stealing money - that is not in any way a defence.

Were this the case every bank robber when caught outside the premisese would give back the money and claim they were looking after it just like The Cray Brothers and their cronies. It was no defence during the Brinks Matt case that 'guv wasn't me - see - ave it back I weren't nicking this gold cos see im over there e were meltin it'! I don't think soooo!

Although seemingly solidly bangged to rights and with enough money (£1/4M+) in his EU pension scams Wise can no doubt afford the expenses in return for vengeance and therefore since his mates in EUkip all stood back, once they realised they couldn't foist the whole scam on Jenkins, let us speculate he wants revenge - he will therefore seek today or shortly to endeavour to deffer the case yet again as it would suit him to run the case and seek to embroil Farage, Colman and others during the run up to the General Election - Just a thought.

Clearly Jenkins can afford to go along with this though it may prove difficult for her to find suitable character witnesses having lied to many about her finances and whilst embroilled in property dealing in America having covered for her partner whilst he was in prison.

Let us see - I'll include the outcome of today once I have obtained it

Well 'ere 'tis:

NewsPoliticsMPs' expensesFormer British MEP denies false accounting chargeFormer Ukip representative Tom Wise charged along with former researcher,

Friday 11 September 2009 14.40 BST Article history

A former British MEP today denied charges of false accounting and using criminal property.

Tom Wise, 61 – who used to represent Ukip but became an independent – was charged along with his 62-year-old former researcher Linday Jenkins.

The pair appeared at a 15-minute plea and case management hearing at Southwark crown court, in London, and spoke only to confirm their names and deny the charges.

The first alleges that they "falsified a document, namely a contract for the provision of services and an application for secretarial assistance allowance and invoices" between 14 December 2004 and 14 December 2005.

The second count claims that, during the same period, they received money "from the European parliament intended for use as payments for secretarial services".

Wise, of Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, who has been an MEP for the East of England since 2004, and Jenkins, of west Kensington, west London, will return to court next Friday.

A further directions hearing will then be held and a trial date fixed. They remain on bail.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

UPDATE 17-Aug-09:
It has been established via the Courts today that Tom Wise & Lindsay Jenkins are still obliged to surrender to bail on 11-Sep-2009 to make their pleas on the charges they face.

However we are given to understand that they are scheduled to apear to answer the charges of:
01. False Accounting.
02. Use of Criminal property.
03. Money Laundering.
& The Trial commences on Monday 02-Nov-2009

I understand the various relevant 'bundles' will be a matter of pleas on 11-Sep-2009 at which stage it is likely that the main witnesess to be called will be identified.

I understand that Nigel Farage has provided a statement for the police and it is likely that the corruption which Trevor Colman introduced to try to orchestrate a cover-up will have led to a rapid vaulte face when he was found colluding in the crime after the event and he will have 'rushed' to save face and cover his personal involvement in the criminality by providing a statement - clearly a thoroughly dishonest individual - is it any wonder he clearly sits happily with and has not spoken out against association with The Lega Nord and the other vile bed fellows with whom EUkip has most closely allied with!

On the strength of the documentary evidence that I am aware of, for all Mike Nattrasse's claims that ALL the EUkip MEPs were involved in the same fiddles, the case would seem pretty much open and shut or to be more accurate if rather more colourful 'banged to rights'.

I don't believe that the fact that other people were stealing from the tax payer is either a defence or a mittigation and nor is the fact that you intended to pay it back if you were caught more than a further admission of guilt!

Clearly there is only one just verdict under any circumstances and once declared then minded of the massive pension built on his dishonesty it is for the judge to decide the appropriate sentence for the undeniable crime.

UPDATE 31-Jul-09:
It was established via the Court this afternoon (Friday) that The hearing was yet again delayed - this time until Friday 11th. September 2009.

Were I Tom Wise and being aware how superstitious Linday Jenkins is with her birth charts, planetary prominences and other strange pagan superstitions I would not be entirely happy to be surrendering to bail and appearing on criminal charges before the Courts on 9/11.

I understand this delay may have much to do with Wise cashing in on yet another EUJolly - the relevance of which is he is no longer in the employ in his capacity as an MEP - so how can he be of ANY value on a trip to Russia?

Surely this is a fraud in its own right if only in moral terms!


I understand that Lindsay Jenkins and Tom Wise are due in Southwark Crown Court later this morning to make 'pleadings', it is unlikely in the face of the documentary evidence, of which I have copies, that they would be foolish enough to both plead innocent though it will be interesting, as the instruments used to steal money (obtain money fraudullently by false pretences or whatever) was signed by both parties.

There is a possibility that Tom Wise may act as a gentleman and accept a charge of guilty and try to convince the Courts that he had acted alone and had managed to dupe Lindsay Jenkins. This might be accepted by the Court inspite of the fact that as we are all much too well aware though Tom is an affable sort of fool he is far from bright and that he might plausibly claim he duped Lindsay with her qualifications alone would be far from plausible!

Let us see!

Lindsay Jenkins

Formerly Tory aspirant PPC, author, US Property Investor, Banker, Stockbroker, Civil Servant (Intelligence).

Laterly Tory Party member, author (part sponsored by Nigel Farage), Speech writter for Nigel Farage; Researcher part time for Tom Wise EUkip MEP.

Tom WISE EUkip MEP 2004 > March 2009

Many will remeber SopHy Ridge's honey trap that clearly trapped Tom hook line and stinker as he bragged to impress her.

It was the Saturday prior to the release of this very 'cropped' video that Wise resigned from the pro EU IndDemGroup EUkip was in in the EU. (You will recall the NotW had recently come unstuck over the video with the prostitutes dressed apparently as German camp guards - it is hard to get authentic death camp uniforms from theatrical agents in London 60 years on!)

Tom Wise has frequently boasted of his inability to hang onto a job and the fact that he was for a time in the police.

That the documentary evidence would seem to indicate beyond reasonable doubt that Wise indulged himself in fraudulently obtained money stolen from the tax payers and ring fenced it for himself in an obfuscated account is clearly indicated by his and Lindsay Jenkins' signature on the documentation.

Tom Wise remained as a EUkip MEP dewspite his perceived criminality effectively uncensured by EUkip and contra the oft peddled lies of Nigel Farage and others.

Tom Wise was an MEP until 14th. July 2009 and had retained his membership by renewal until March 2009 and was entrusted with the IndDemGroup double decker bus for EUkip by Farage for promotion of EUkip also Wise remained as Branch Chairman of at least one EUkip branch in his EUkip Constituency until well into 2009 when he subsequently permitted his membership to lapse.

It is understood that regardless of criminality Wise has accrued a pension fund in the region of £250,000 at the expense of the very same tax payers he is charged with defrauding!

You may recall this article:


HIGH-LIVING Euro MP Tom Wise raises a glass to another rewarding day in Brussels-spent shamelessly DODGING work and SCAMMING a fortune in expenses.

As he leaned on the bar guzzling beer Wise bragged to a News of the World investigator how he milks the taxpayer for THOUSANDS every week in dodgy allowances and travel claims.

Euro MP Tom Wise bragging about the Brussels gravy train
We followed his freeloading ride on the gravy train for weeks.

While his hard-pressed constituents in eastern England struggled with soaring bills, he confessed what he liked best about his job as Member of the European Parliament: "It's the opportunity to make shedloads of money. At the end of the day I made £2,000 this week."

Wise, and the other Brit contingent of the 785 MEPs, pocket a handsome £61,820 salary. But a shock News of the World investigation has revealed FOUR loopholes many use to boost that FIVE-FOLD to an incredible £307,588.

First there's the extra £226 A DAY allowance just for showing up!
Then there's the £39,012 HANDOUT for office expenses, no questions asked, no receipts needed.
Big earner is the £162,856 BUNG to hire staff-which many hand straight to relatives.
And there's the up to £10,000 PROFIT in flying with budget airlines then claiming the full allowed payment for top-price tickets.

Greedy Wise, 60 on Tuesday, is an expert at the low-cost airline racket and the daily allowance scam. It has cost the taxpayer up to ONE MILLION POUNDS to keep him in the lap of luxury since he won his seat in 2004.

But incredibly he brazenly admitted he had no idea what he was supposed to do to earn his massive pay.

He told our undercover reporter, posing as a student on work experience: "It's cushy - £60,000 a year! Thank you very much indeed! What have we got to do for it? Not a lot!

"I don't know what an MEP's job is. No one's ever given me a job description. I've no idea what an MEP should or shouldn't do. So you make it up as you go along."


Tom Wise is not just living high on the hog-he has become the hog, stuffing his face and his wallet on Eurocash.

Our dossier of evidence is damning. And Wise's trotter prints are all over it.

He unwisely told our undercover female reporter exactly how he makes a fortune on travel expenses-flying on no-frills tickets but trousering the price of a full-price one as allowed under the Euro expenses scheme.

On her first day working with him in the Brussels parliament he admitted: "Every MEP travelling from their home country to Brussels gets their travel expenses on exactly the same basis, and it's usually business class airfare. And when I fly Ryanair I say 'Thank you very much!'

"I could actually put the Ryanair ticket in and just get that back- but that would be denying me a legally, well I say legally, a genuinely available funding."

And we later caught him in the act, as he caught an easyJet flight from Basel Airport, an hour's drive from the second European Parliament centre in Strasbourg, back to Luton Airport in the UK.

A booking sheet showed he forked out just £31.97 including taxes for the flight. Alternative full-price open economy tickets go for up to £312. As he took his seat he openly bragged this was his usual bargain flight back to the UK, and his home in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, netting him a nice earner.

Waiting for the plane to take off, he said: "Yes, I am milking the system, in as much as I'm overpaid for the amount of expenses I've had. But the system is-'Ignore what it's cost you, this is what we pay you!'" And he added smugly: "I clean up the profit."

Wise also admitted profiting from the daily allowance system by signing in for his £226 handout and then staying in cheap hotels. He said: "The hotel I use in Brussels is the Hotel Beau Site. It's 85 euros a night (£67)."

Then he bragged that MEPs can simply clock in for their daily allowance but slip away without doing much.

As he signed in himself at the Parliament building he said: "You get here at 7am, you sign in...and then you can sod off, because you get your money direct!"

The evening our reporter arrived in Brussels Wise demonstrated how generously the daily allowance stretched by dining at posh restaurant Jacques on taxpayers' cash.

After a slap-up feed of herring to start, followed by steak and a whole bottle of wine to himself the podgy, bearded bon viveur chortled: "I've spent whatever-it-was pounds tonight and I'll still make a humungous profit. Thank you very much!"

Wise-who boasts of having a cellar of 1,000 bottles of wine at home-added: "I have a simple philosophy. You and your parents are paying for me. Sorry, tough!"

Wise, a former cop, is already under investigation by anti-fraud chiefs. He was kicked out of the UK Independence Party accused of claiming £36,000 for a researcher who he was actually paying just £6,000.

As an Independent he now has no party leader keeping him in check and no party business to do. And he showed our investigator just how little he does. While she was with him he went to a handful of meetings-staying only long enough to munch on the free buffet, leaving before work began. On our girl's first morning Wise met her at the parliament building in Brussels and waved her through security. At noon Wise went to a meeting run by Action Aid on The Right to Food, where there were sandwiches and drinks laid out. But the lazy MEP left before the speeches for a coffee break.


Half an hour later he waddled to one of the lobbies to listen to Latvian folk singing- and another free spread of wine and food.

At 2pm he sauntered off to a private appointment. In the afternoon he attended meetings on biofuel and windfarms but left before the end. Then it was time for a shopping trip, where he splashed out on six bottles of red wine and huge bags of crisps. The hard day was topped off with an art show with yet more free wine and cheese. Wise later offered to take our investigator on an all-expenses-paid trip to the other parliament in Strasbourg. All expenses paid by YOU, that is. But she insisted on paying her own way.

And she witnessed Wise doing even LESS work once he got there. He scoffed meals with UKIP pals on Monday and Tuesday night then took our reporter to a fancy cocktail bar. After all that exertion Wise took the following day off to visit a vineyard-where he bought even MORE wine.

In words that may haunt him, he quipped: "There are two things that will destroy politicians. One is sex, the other is money."

To view the original article CLICK HERE

Remembering the broadsheet press exposure of the fact that an MEP can easily trouser £1Million during a term of office and Farage's clear boast of making over £2Million in conversation with Dennis McShane at a Press Club freebie ( a fraction of what he seems to have trousered from other sources at a guess!).

Consider this article which shows how MEPs like Tom Wise live at the tax payers expense and then the greedy little tick seemingly still can't keep his hand out of the till!


EU blows millions on fact-finding freebies for MEPs

By Jamie Lyons & Guy Basnett

HIGH-FLYING British MEPs are jet-setting to holiday paradises for jaunts of unimaginable luxury-leaving cash-strapped taxpayers to pick up the bill.

A News of the World investigation has uncovered the full extent of the multi-million-pound junkets to fabulous destinations like Bali, St Lucia, the Seychelles, Barbados and Australia.

The official trips are billed as fact-finding missions for politicians to learn more about the places they visit.

But we went out on our own fact-finding mission and our incredible dossier suggests MEPs need no lessons in living like lords on the backs of hard-working people.

We discovered that:

The globe-trotting tours have cost EU taxpayers £3.1MILLION since 2004 alone;

One British MEP's trips cost us £40,000 and him NOTHING.

On one nine-day trip to Australia, just 18 HOURS was spent on official business, while MEPs had FIVE DAYS set aside for cruising on a yacht, watching opera, touring vineyards or visiting Uluru (Ayers Rock).

The full shocking scale of the abuse of taxpayers' cash-all perfectly legitimate under EU rules-was exposed in a major investigation by the News of the World last week when we told how greedy Euro MP Tom Wise boasted that he pocketed THOUSANDS in EU expenses.

Now we can reveal that freeloading MEPs have flown the equivalent of to the moon and back TWENTY times since 2004 on jollies paid for by YOU. Nine MEPs boarded the gravy plane for the Australia trip last year-four of them Brits.

Led by Tory Giles Chichester, and including fellow-Tory Neil Parish, Labour's David Martin and Ulster Unionist James Nicholson, the European Parliament's Delegation for Relations with Australia and New Zealand sends a groups of its members Down Under every TWO YEARS.

On the first day of the jaunt, February 24, the group set off to Sydney Opera House to see La Traviata.

Next day a sunset cruise of Sydney Harbour aboard the luxury catamaran MV Olympic Spirit was laid on.

On February 28 the delegation journeyed to the tourists' must-see destination Ayers Rock.

After an "informal" lunch, they toured Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, before a slap-up dinner with Australian politicians at the award-winning open-air restaurant Sounds of Silence.

With grotesque irony, the official report noted that the MEPs were "afforded an opportunity" to discuss the plight of Aborigines while stuffing their faces.

The next day members watched the sunrise over Ayers Rock before enjoying a guided tour of the large domed rock formations and gorge at Kata Tjuta.


On March 3 their entire itinerary consisted of a private tour of limestone caves, a visit to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, a drive through Boranup Forest and trips to three vineyards.

Amazingly, despite being able to devote most of the day to vineyards, the MEPs spent just 15 MINUTES touring the New South Wales Parliament House.

And only 30 MINUTES was spent attending Question Time at Canberra's House of Representatives, with another 30 MINUTES at Question Time in the Senate Chamber.

In fact our detailed breakdown of the nine days shows they managed to squeeze in just 18 hours of official business.

Giles Chichester, who represents the South West and Gibraltar, was made chairman of the Australasia relations group last year.

The son of legendary round-the-world yachtsman Sir Francis Chichester, he took part in a similar jaunt Down Under in 2005.

And the same group of four visited NEW ZEALAND for eight days in 2006, where the trip took in the Villa Maria Winery, the Te Whau vineyard and an art gallery. The 5-star tour cost taxpayers around £110,000.

The four MEPs on the trips are in the top five of a list of tax-funded travellers. Northern Ireland MEP Nicholson tops it with an estimated cost to taxpayers of £40,350 on at least seven long-haul trips, including to the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Korea, Washington and Las Vegas.

Martin, Labour MEP for Scotland, is second with an estimated bill of £32,600, while Parish, who represents the South West, comes fourth with a cost of £22,800.

The group's trips are typical of what EU critics believe amounts to little more than free-loading junkets. Figures from independent think tank Open Europe show UK MEPs' trips have cost more than £240,000.

Open Europe estimates that MEPs have clocked up more than 10 million air miles since 2004-the equivalent of 20 moon trips-leaving a carbon footprint the same as driving round the world over 400 times.

The most expensive trip was by 67 MEPs to BARBADOS in 2006, which cost European taxpayers around £300,000.

Obscenely, its purpose was a conference on reducing poverty.

Tory Philip Bradbourn, who represents the West Midlands, enjoyed a visit to Table Mountain in SOUTH AFRICA and a wine route tour of the Neethlingshof Wine Estate in 2007. The six-day excursion is estimated to have cost £30,000.

Labour's Glenys Kinnock led a team of MEPs to the luxury resort of the SEYCHELLES in April to visit the tuna fish industry.

The former Labour leader's wife is third in the MEP travellers' list, costing taxpayers £28,000.

None of the MEPs taking part in the trips has breached any EU rules or profited financially.

But ordinary people who pick up the tab may well agree with Open Europe's Hugo Robinson:

"Why should we be expected to cough up millions of pounds so MEPs can travel to luxury resorts where they achieve little more than getting a suntan?" he demands.

It's Mr Eat on US

By Sophy Ridge

A EURO MP who basks in his reputation as a crusader against the misuse of public cash has been caught by the News of the World scoffing at how YOU pay for his fine dining.

Tory Chris Heaton-Harris has long campaigned AGAINST Brussels' lucrative expenses system.

He has impressed Tory chiefs so much he is being parachuted into a safe seat at Westminster and is virtually guaranteed to become an MP at the next election.

But the voters may be less impressed with the attitude towards their money he displayed to our undercover reporter. After he picked up the tab for tagliatelli and salmon plus wine in Brussels' ultra-posh The Staff restaurant, the East Midlands MEP bragged about who is really footing the bill.

He told our investigator-posing as a recent university graduate on work experience: "It is kind of the European taxpayer. The European taxpayer looks after us."

Amazingly, under crazy, money-wasting EU rules, he's doing nothing wrong.


The glib boast comes as we can reveal how, when not living off the taxpayer, MEPs are being wined and dined by lobbyists desperate to win their backing for controversial firms. Heaton-Harris again revealed their life of luxury on the EU gravy train.

"It's massive. Absolutely huge," he said. "You really don't have to pay for food or drink or anything, because you can, you know, just go anywhere. They just want your time."

His comment came before he spent an evening downing free food and booze, while a lobbying firm linked to the Premiership held a private screening of the Champions' League semi-final clash between Man Utd and Barcelona.

On his own website, Heaton-Harris, insists: "I have consistently led the fight against fraud and misuse of taxpayers' money."

But voters might also like to know that the football-loving part-time ref, who is married with two young children, acts more like a 18-year-old than a 40-year-old, living it up into the small hours.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE


What is the exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU. It is the DUTY of our Politicians and Snivil Cervants to ensure the continuity, liberty and right to self determination of our peoples they have a DUTY to protect against crime and secure both our food and our border.
NONE of these DUTIES has a single British politician upheld for 40 years. They have drawn their incomes fraudulently and dishonesty.

Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.
Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU's CAP - In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:

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