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#186* - ARNOTT - Were He The Hon. One Might Understand!

#186* - ARNOTT - Were He The Hon. One Might Understand!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!



in a period of weak or near non existent leadership weak and self seeking men invariably rise. So also do those of little merit.

It is a time at which to keep a more carefull eye out than in normal times.

Aware that as a weak leader with no visible ability, as shown by the results since he dishonestly seized the leadership of EUkip, Farage has had an almost childish preoccupation with title. Farage's insecurity has been a driving force for EUkip for many years.

We all remember the catastrophy of The Hon. Stephen Sobey Neville who so easily duped Farage as a plant from Tory Central Office. Realising this incompetence in Farage and is abject failure in man management and value judgement one need only look briefly at EUkip.

Just what skill or value that enhances EUkip, for instance, does someone like Paul NuttAll bring to EUkip, or the fool Reeve, where can EUkip gain from such as Lisa Duffy, Oxley, Ma Zucherman, the pathetic little Denny what competences - what abilities - what skills, what gravitas.

I can see NONE - so let us look at Jonathan Arnott:

This little lad's CV reads:

At the 2008 UK Independence Party Conference, Jonathan was appointed as the new UK Independence Party General Secretary, and was featured on BBC1's The Politics Show in September 2008.

A sad reflection that he sees himself as featured rather than EUkip whom he represented!

One starts to wonder how this sad and slightly phoney chap has risen from nowhere to relative obscurity with such inexperience.

So one digs a little deeper.

Jonathan gained a Master’s Degree in Mathematics from Sheffield University at age 19.

So being 27 he was 19 in in 2000 when he earned his MA - a little strange that Sheffield is offering a Scottish qualification as surely the basic degree for a mathematician in English Universities it being a science not an art would be a BSc - wouldn't it.

A little confused Sheffield Uni. on 0114 - 222 2000 confirmed the Mathematics qualification is a BSc and only one Arnott shows up on the computer forename Jonathan who 'applied' in 1996 but does not seem to have either attended or obtained a degree from the University.

From 2000 to 2008, he worked as a Mathematics teacher at Handsworth Christian School in Sheffield, and was Head Of Mathematics from 2006.

Interestingly, grand as this sounds Hansworth Christian School has 135 pupils aged 4-16 - one wonders howmany qualified mathematicians are on the staff he headed!

He has also worked part-time for Yorkshire's UK Independence Party MEP Godfrey Bloom as a political researcher since 2004. He was appointed as UKIP's Local Elections co-ordinator in 2005 and became responsible for UKIP’s local campaigns nationwide. He co-authored UKIP's national Manifesto for the local elections in 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Similarly it would seem that with various co-authors and co-ordinators of EUkip's local election efforts, there were more staff than achievements!

I guess the results speak volumes of his ability - it would seem that there is every possibility that no one in EUkip, with their normal professionalism, has checked his CV & referrences.

With the likes of the liar Michael McGough willing to cheat his friends, David Bannerman whose CV and identity are a tissue of fantasies, Stephen Sobey's elaborate hoax and others of a similar nature Jonathan Arnott will not be the first fraud should my rudimentary check done with only one phone call, prove accurate.

I make no claim of veracity in my comment but as I have stated - reason to be suspicious.

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

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