Tuesday 4 May 2010



Clean EUkip up NOW 

make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque 

the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!



This piece of filth is Douglas Denny, an outright liar, a cheat and undeniably and proven corrupt yet he is on the NEC of UKIP and represents the party all too often as a spokesman. He was dumped from office as returning officer for corruption, lies and cheating in a leadership election - by the NEC he sat on!

For more details of this vile little liar so typical of UKIP CLICK HERE & HERE

This egregious poece of filth is Mark Croucher who is a media representative for UKIP and their racist, anti Jewish, anti homosexual and pro EU membership chums on the Pan EU Political Party EFD with UKIP CLICK HERE.

A particularly vicious and unpleasant poece of filth who having sought my assistance in the past turned out to be a revolting dishonourable and underhand liar - Mark Croucher has serially lied about me claiming that I was anti Jewish which is a lie - though I note he now actively promotes the EFD group for Nigel Farage who have anti Jewish members, holocaust deniers and Nazi sympathisers.

Mark Croucher also lied and tried to dupe people into believing I was a friend of Nick Griffin's and a supporter of the BNP - he is a liar. We note he is now actively supporting as media manager the EFD and its racist, xenophobic members who advocate killing Africans before they arrive in Italy and have convictions for setting fire tho the belongings of immigrants.

For more details of the UKIP Pan EU Political Party EFD grouping CLICK HERE

This nasty little serial failure having it seems defaulted on his bills having made a complete fool of himself and lost his money trying to be a businessman in order to ingratiate himself with UKIP lied about me to the BBC claiming I was a BNP supporter. He also loed about Richard Suckorzewski claiming he was a BNP supporter which could hardly have been more wrong CLICK HERE

It is this revolting cowardlyexcrecence of a man who tried to frame Poers Merchant when he was dieing of prostate cancer and to weak to respond or defend himself yet Mark Croucher with his chum Denny and other NEC members tried to tamper with UKIP records to make it seem Poers Merchant was Junius and when clearly shown to be a liar changed his tune to try to pretend Piers Merchant was a member of the group that is Junius - Mark Croucher rarely gets caught sinking that low.

Nigel Farage has openly stated that part of Mark Croucher's job is to dig out or fabricate dirt on UKIP personelle for Farage to use to control them.

Commencing January a year ago Mark Croucher set out to try to bankrupt me and harass me by abuse of the British Courts.

When this revolting little man, acting as UKIP's agent, aided by the convicted Benefit Fraudster and UKIP Press Officer Clive Page and UKIP's Chairman Paul Nuttall - claiming in the region of £120,000 for use of freely available publicity photographs of Nigel Farage, Godfrey Bloom & Jeffrey Titford the Court totally rejected every aspect of their mallicious vendetta and awarded costs against them - UKIP has a moral duty to refund my costs to the tune of £12,500 and Mark Croucher has a legal obligation to pay £8,500 of my costs.

The details of the Court Case can be seen CLICK HERE

UKIP clearly have a complete contempt for British Courts and have failed to honour their obligation - UKIP's behaviour is beneath contempt they have used an agent to try to suppress free speech and the truth by abuse of the Courts they now lack the integrity to settle their very clear moral debt and are making every effort to shelter Mark Croucher by employing him through complex means within the EU so that he can hide from this debt of honour in complete contempt for British Justice and the British Courts - despite being a party that supposedly claims to oppose the EU they use the EU to hide from their debts.

UKIP are utterly contemptible and if you vote for this level of filth you have no one to blame when you too are betrayed - just as have been many of their long suffering members by this piece of filth:

Malcolm Lord Pearson of Rannoch is a vile and corrupt liar who having entered into an agreement with Nikki Sinclaire MEP for the convenience of the scum that had him as his puppet betrayed Nikki Sinclaire and furthermore published and distributed to the UKIP members a letter which was publicly proven to be a pack of lies.

This sordid little twerp with his Eton lack of morality and track record of flipping houses to maximise his expenses and drawing 100s of £1,000s from the public purse despite his personal £Millions from his Father's business as this imtellectual pygmy could NEVER have made a success of anything had it not been laid out on a platter for him by his Father - he is untrustworthy, duplicitous, self centred, egotistical and completely out of touch with reality and having been the placeman for Nigel Farage this particular piece of filth is campaigning based on the populism of attacking Muslim women for wearing Burqas , Niqabs and Hijabs when there are only around 1500 to 2,000 in all of Britain dishonestly stirring hatred and hysteria for political gain with a good vehicle for the racist vote but well disguised!

Hardly surpriing when one realises he is an award winning Zionist CLICK HERE

Currently this odious little man is actively campaigning against his own loyal members, for and on behalf of his chums in the Tory Party! A stab in the back to those who misguidedly trusted him and his view is 'I don't care they are just troglodytes and who cares if they all leave the party after the election'. On 2 constiuencies in Somerset he lacked even the courtesy to consult either his members or their PPCs but betrayed them in public in the press arrogant, ignorant and duplicitois piece of filth he is.

This is the disloyal and duplicitous piece of filth that hasn't bothered reading the Party Manifesto - had not made so much as a pretence of reading it - why would he care he is working for the Tories!

It was this dishonest and corrupt little man who when caught and exposed money laundering through a shell company called Global Britain claimed his co- conspirator Stuart Agnew who was, with Pearson & Farage conspiring to fraudulently accept donations and advising a young lady how they could break the law with her - Pearson stated Agnew was one of the competent MEPs the rest of UKIP MEPs were dinasaurs!

These people are scum - UKIP is stuffed with liars, cheats, low lifes and the corrupt - no other Political Party has ever had one of its serving MEPs sent to prison for fraud, embezlling public money and money laundering yet Farage and his cronies did all they could to try to cover-up his criminal activities. Tom Wise was eventually sentenced to 2 years in prison CLICK HERE.

The self serving self enriching scum that is UKIP's leadership are unfit for office to a man And the corrupt woman they have see CLICK HERE and also HERE

They really are filth aren't they as the Returning Officer showed exposing amongst others the duplicitous piece of filth Christopher Gill CLICK HERE

In the claim of exposing the EU's cottuprion there was at no time the understanding was they would clean up in the EU and each make £Millions from the scams and fiddles! Yet 5 MEPs have been under investigation by OLAF and we understand their files are in the EU seeking redemption of funds before passing the files to the British police.

We understand that additionally Stuart Agnew, Pearson, David Bannerman, Nigel Farage and Peter Reeve will be under investigation by OLAF for their corruption as proven and shown by The Sunday Times.

Then we have this piece of filth:

Need we say more of this piece of filth, who is UKIP's current press officer but fortunately by publishing the truth about him he was unable to stand as PPC in Dorset! A revolting individual who whilst married boasted of his homosexual conquests and whose wife denounced him on the internet for lewd behaviour with their daughter in his bath!

UKIP really are revolting aren't they - clearly I could go on and on exposing the truth about these scum.

I think it is their total lack of honour and integrity that disgust me most - yes I may well be biased these are the people who promised to be different and promised to work to get us out of the EU and they have in absolutely every detail lied and betrayed us.


One would have thought UKIP would have paid their moral debt to me rather than shelter their vile little agent Mark Croucher behind the skirts of the EU to avoid paying me the £12.1/2 Thousand they owe.

The contempt in which UKIP clearly holds Her Majesty’s Courts and any concept of British Justice is staggering when you think this collection of low lifes seek election to positions of authority and governance.

Having after a year of underhand and duplicitous harassment when Mark Croucher acting as UKIP’s agent aided by the UKIP Chairman a duplicitous low life called Paul Nuttall and the UKIP Press Officer a benefit fraudster with convictions Clive Page – They lost the case and were ordered by the Courts to pay my legitimate costs – in an undeniably dishonest and cowardly manner they have failed to honour their debt and have chosen to hide behind employ by the EU where Mark Croucher is a media manager promoting the racist, anti Jewish, homophobic pro EU EFD a pan EU political party grouping that is chaired by Nigel Farage.

UKIP are clearly unfit for office – any office and completely without honour or integrity as they shelter their corruption in The EU.

UKIP really are the scum of the earth aren’t they – Consider:
It is clear that with the election barrelling down on us in just a few days one is forced to ask oneself whether voting for the lesser of two evils isn’t just voting for evil.

The Party Political system is a spent concept and with the LibLabUKipCon doing little more than telling lies to get your vote you must remember just what a mess this country is in  terms of finances, immigration, unemployment, industrial collapse and indisputable unrest and distrust – is there any collection of people as hugely and rightly distrusted as the LibLabUKipCon?

The trouble with the LibLabUKipCon is that you can’t put a cigarette paper between them as they swan around on over generous salaries, near unaccountable expenses and spiv like attitude to honour and integrity – look at a little Party like Ukip:
  • Several £Millions seemingly gone missing unaccounted and presumably ‘trousered’
  • 2 MEPs imprisoned from the last Parliament
  • Stuart Wheeler walked away in disgust
  • The seriously enriched leadership so greedy they pay their family!
  • Malcolm Lord Pearson risible in interview completely out of touch and under investigation for money laundering!
  • Stuart Agnew MEP admitting on camera to criminally defrauding the tax payer.
  • Stuart Agnew MEP colluding with others to commit a crime involving Nigel Farage, Lord Pearson and himself.
  • Stuart Agnew MEP explaining how he, the serial liar and cheat David Bannerman and Peter Reeve defraud the tax payers deliberately and wittingly.
  • The duplicitous Marta Andreasen refusing to continue to be associated with Ukip’s accounts.
  • The lies and professional incompetence and irresponsibility of Andrew Smith, Nigel Farage and others EARNING a guilty verdict and forfeiture and costs debt of £3/4 Million!
  • Public humiliation of the Party when they were found Guilty in a Court of Law and fined over their treatment of John West.
  • Public humiliation when in the Cardiff Courts their agent Mark Croucher lost the case they had brought aided by Paul Nuttall and Clive Page and was ordered to pay costs – currently being sheltered in the EU in contempt of British Justice and British Courts (how very Ukip hide in the EU!!)
  • 5 MEPs understood to have had their files passed to other EU departments by OLAF pending their being passed to The British Police.
  • Official warning for their sloppy and unprofessional handling of membership records and data!
  • Censure by The Information Commissioner under The Data Protection Act for their deliberate failure and dishonesty in handling of a Freedom of Information Application.
  • John Wittacker MEP (past Chairman) lost case in the employment Courts – leading to the Judges comment that he was an ‘untrustworthy and implausible witness’.
  • The lies and dishonesty of Christopher Gill in his management of The PPCasMEPs selection process.
  • The dishonesty and corruption in MEP placement.
  • The abject betrayal of principle in forming a pro EU Pan EU Political Party EFD grouping representing racists, anti Jewish, Nazi sympathising, sexually intolerant, holocaust deniers and xenophobes some with criminal records and with incitement and use of violence and bullying – that is how Ukip leadership see themselves and their party!
  • Dishonesty and failure to publish promised accounts – the only Ukip MEP to honestly publish transparent accounts has been Nikki Sinclaire but she was thrown out as a Ukip MEP having embarrassed Ukip by refusing to be associated with the scum in the UKip EFD group.
The list is clearly long and that is but a fraction – if you want more details see:
either blog provides a trail of 100s, if not 1,000s of similar comments – interestingly to date despite constant abuse from those trying to protect their positions at the troughs on the gravy train of the EU there has not been a single solitary consequential error of reportage on either blog.

Clearly it is up to YOU who you vote for You may be corrupt and wish to see your Country befouled by such corruption – that is a matter for your conscience.

However do you really believe that Your Country is likely to gain by enriching and rewarding the clearly corrupt venal and self serving LibLabUKipCon to just flow on in their cosy relationships, as they swap candidates and exchange constituencies for their own gain at the expense of democracy and peoples right to self determination.

This cosy relationship is all too visible in its support of self enrichment of the Politically corrupt LibLabUKipCon – Did YOU see a single leaflet, hear a single speech, note a single campaign of consequence anywhere in Britain led by any of the LibLabUKipCon in opposition to the New Constitution Lisbon Treaty – Until AFTER the Bill had passed through Parliament.

Did you notice that once the Bill had passed there were 5 days of utterly pointless debate in the House of Commons and dishonourable promises of referendums – knowing full well that the surrender document would come into force, which it did on
01-Dec-2009, before anyone could organise the promised referendum.

Well done Ukip – yours was the cleverest con on behalf of the EU – you even produced a DVD after the bill had passed to look as if you were doing something – it fooled many of the gullible.

One expected Labour to be politically self serving and throw their lot in with the neo Communist EU, one expected them to betray our Country in terms of their perceptions of globalism with some foolish concepts of International Socialism and evil organisations like The Fabians and Common Purpose – One even understands their betrayal and determination to undermine and betray Britain by stirring up a misguided class based hatred, whilst their ‘chums’ became immensely wealth.

One expected successive Labour Chancellors to be economic illiterates and now in desperation they seek to blame our allies in America for their crass economic incompetence and the irrefutable fact that near single handed Gordon Brown has bankrupt Britain whilst his butt boy Blair was enriching himself - (Blair is thought to have ripped off Britain almost in the manner of an African Potentate selling us out here and betraying us there for rich rewards amounting to between £50&90 Million – he is not alone!)

Labour have lived down to expectation – they have not betrayed me they have done as expected.

One knew the Conservatives were self serving and dangerously incompetent – one need only have watched the manner in which the crooks and Uriah Heeps of Tory front bench politics manipulated the sad figure of Margaret Thatcher – she never had a clue what was going on around her and were it not for her Willie she would not have survived – but she suited the greeds and self importance of the likes of Douglas Hurd, Geoffrey Howe, Pym & Prior the foolish woman responded to the flattery of those around her who bought their jobs with their supplicancy as with Lawson, Brittan, Hesseltine, Major, Biffen, Gilmour, Baker, Riffkind, Patten, Ridley, Fowler, King, Walker, Hunt and so on – NOT AN HONEST PATRIOT AMONG THEM!

They betrayed us and Margaret Thatcher was too stupid to realise – NOT ONE stood their ground and spoke out and exposed the EEC for what it was or the EU as it has now become – even poor old Tebbitt hadn’t a clue what was going on under his nose – and one is forced to wonder – as they woke up – was there any surprise that IRA Bombers were paid to Blow Up the core of the party in Brighton. Too easily one overlooks the fact that much of the sectarianism of Ireland has less to do with beliefs than it does to do with the manipulation of the weak and the gullible by criminals for power and gain – WHO PAID the IRA Bombers and how much was the contract worth to the coffers?

The Tory conflict between the Communist trained and funded likes of the Unions, CND, Common Purpose, Fabians and Labour party has been one long false flag war. CND were funded by the Kremlin, Wilson, Brown, Kinnock were all in their way protégés of Russia – Prescott as the Communist/EU Gauleiter running the Blair Government amassed a fortune for himself and his son and like Jack Straw was yet another of Barbara Castle’s pupils in the black arts of Communism – look at Straw’s early communist career and at Prescotts various terms as an MEP moved from department to department to train him for his role.

The Lib.Dims. are just the whores of politics willing to do deals with anyone for no reason beyond greed and power – these are the people who espouse immediately joining The EUro despote the fact that over 80% of their voters when polled wanted to keep the £, not so surprising when you realise that the vast majority of those who vote for them think they are voting for The Liberals and can YOU, as an informed politically active voter, can YOU name 3 Liberal policies – now Dick Clegg, Treacher, Cable and Huges aside can you name 2 Lib.Dim. MPs or MEPs – Yeah, I thought not but people will still vote for the rascals.

I think I have provided more than enough reasons and adequate reference as to why Ukip are unfit for purpose – in fact almost any purpose, being mostly spivs like Farage or useless nere do wells like Clark, Bannerman, Agnew, Croucher, Denny, McGough, Smith, Gill and their ilk – individuals one wouldn’t trust further than you could kick them and justifiably so!

Of you would like more detailed facts please do not hesitate to contact me on 01291 – 62 65 62

Greg Lance-Watkins
Greg_L-W (
01291 - 62 65 62

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