Saturday 8 May 2010

#981* - UKIP's Hopes Crash To Earth - As Ever In The Wrong Place!

#981* - UKIP's Hopes Crash To Earth - As Ever In The Wrong Place!  


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The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership,
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UKIP's Hopes Crash To Earth - As Ever In The Wrong Place!!


Early on the morning of 06-May-2010 whilst most serious politicians were seeking out those few extra votes and glad handing party workers to thank them for their contributions and hard work Nigel Farage had decided to go on a jolly in a light aircraft towing an advertising banner.

Surely one pays someone to go and do the tedious and in fact quite dangerous job of towing banners. This is the taxi run end of flying crop dusting and banner dragging! It also has a very poor record in America where it is more common.

Anyway up they went just before 08:00hrs. the pilot failed in his 12 year old Polish plane to pick up the banner and it is reputed that he failed upto 7 times!

In fact I believe that on his 5th. pass having possibly cut his speed a little too much he picked up the banner and it SEEMS he tried to open up and climb but it SEEMS the banner MAY have been caught by a gust of wind and a cable caught a control plane (aeleron or similar) the plane now well of the ground no amount of 'tugging and yanking' made the plane respond.

The banner would seem to have been VERY WISELY let loose and caught by the wind ended up some distance from the plane.

The plane would seem to have crashed out of control.

Being a very small 3 seater the plane 'interfacing with the ground' at speed came off very much the worst! The final crash scene revealed the plane had flipped upside down.

Fortunately and to some extent surprisingly there was no fatality and Nigel Farage was extricated he was very badly 'thumped around' in the accident and his lap strap had held him, probably completely unconcious for a period.

Sadly someone released a series of photographs showing him seemingly unconcious upside down in the wrekage and then stumbling around completely dazed.

I gather he has broken ribs, damage or fracture to his sternum and a smashed or broken tooth (teeth?).

Taken to hospital from the scene Farage's agent later said "Nigel was unconcious but still speaking" a strange comment but why are we not surprised!

Subsequently in hospital it was we understand discovered he also had a chipped vertebra. Due to concerns about his heart he was transfered from the General Hospital to The John Radcliff Hospital at Oxford for further tests and monitoring and I understand his wife was brought to the hospital from Kent for a brief visit.

This morning I am pleased to hear Nigel Farage was released from hospital.

I gather that the pilot's injuries were considered life threatening but ocver 50 hours after the incident there is no report of his death and it is to be hoped he will make a full recovery in time - But I know not!

Conspiracy Theorists are already providing more than adequate material with talks of severed cables and Scenes of Crime Officers etc.

This is a bit silly minded that the plane CRASHED! ALL air accident scenes are considered 'scenes of crime' and ALL air accidents are investigated fully and long after the event there will likely be an AAIB Report made public.

There is every likelihood the plane had snapped cables - if the aileron or similar jammed or was jammed the possible 'tugging and yanking' by the pilot could well have parted the control cable! Impact with the ground seems the most likely cause of bust cables!

Turning the plane back over could well have broken the cable lets leave it to the  AAIB rather than speculate, especially as Nigel Farage really isn't significant enough for ANYONE to have attempted sabotage based on politics.

Clearly there will be fantasists dreaming up conspiracies to fit the shreds of comment made! Get real Nigel Farage has led a Political Party without vision, without competence and with staggering ineptitude leading it to what I believe was a 3.1% share of the vote after 17 years!

Farage did do a little better than expected in Buckingham but having syphoned off much of the resource and cash available from anywhere within the party it is hardly surprising but even then his result was based on the vile and grubby propaganda of gutter politics at which he Mark Croucher and others in his claque are so experienced at.


Name Party Votes % +/-
John Bercow Speaker 22,860 47.3 -10.9
John Stevens Buckinghamshire Campaign for Democracy, The 10,331 21.4 +21.4
Nigel Farage UK Independence Party 8,410 17.4 +13.9
Patrick Phillips Independent 2,394 5.0 +5.0
Debbie Martin Independent 1,270 2.6 +2.6
Lynne Mozar British National Party 980 2.0 +2.0
Colin Dale Monster Raving Loony Party 856 1.8 +1.8
Geoff Howard Independent 435 0.9 +0.9
David Hews Christian Party 369 0.8 +0.8
Anthony Watts Independent 332 0.7 +0.7
Simon Strutt Cut The Deficit Party 107 0.2 +0.2
Majority 12,529 25.9
Turnout 48,344 64.5 -3.8

You will note, despite the wild claims made, that he was going to beat Bercow and be UKIP's first MP it was clear before the election was called that despite ALL the conditions being in his favour he didn't stand a chance and even his supporters were expecting a second place and were largely too despondent during the last week to campaign. They clearly felt that they had not so much failed to win but had clearly and resoundingly lost despite being party to some particularly dirty underhand tricks.

An interesting but not wildly relevant statistic in this UKIP debacle is the fact that in the GE of 2005 Labour & Lib.Dim. in this seat had a joint total of 38% and this time round without Labour & Lib.Dim. standing and with no Tory campaigning the relative unknown John Stevens with limited resource thrashed Farage in getting so much as one vote more with so little effort and UKIP's highest profile candidate (most people couldn't name more than 3 other UKippers of note) - the strange fact of note is that John Stevens & Nigel Farage shared the same 38% figure of the vote obtained by Lib.Lab. in 2005.

Is UKIP being destroyed by the corruption, dishonesty, lies, smears, vindictive attacks and indubitable lack of any signs of morality, integrity or leadership such that clearly they are without exception unfit for office and must for ever limp along dependent not on votes for them but a smattering of protest votes and the efforts of the self seeking as they fight in disregard of ANY decent rules or behaviour for their personal place at the trough - hence the endless internal exposures of cheating, duplicity and lies.

In Buckingham in desparation a series of smear campaigns were launched by UKIP but even then UKIP's popularity waned and the relative outsider the clear also ran John Stevens ended up beating Farage and UKIP into an ignominious third place with 1/3rd. of the votes of John Bercow and clearly trailing John Stevens.

One has to ask whether it was worth so debasing UKIP with their huge spend, self serving Farage use of party resources and gutter propaganda from Mark Croucher - surely UKIP must concede such behaviour does more to harm UKIP than ever to enhance it. It is even arguable that UKIP being overtaken in Buckingham by a near unknown with little support may well be down to the distaste and distrust of UKIP inculcated by the look at me childish behaviour of Farage and the corrupt behaviour of such as Mark Croucher, clearly endorsed by Farage.

Is it not time for UKIP to reflect and realise they have clearly over the years done themselves immense harm with their childish antics and gutter behaviour.

One parting thought on this subject is not just to wish Nigel Farage and his pilot a full recovery but to point out to the Conspiracy Theorists that if you look closely at the photograph of the accident - even before they had extricated Farage and his pilot the engine is quite clearly missing, could it have been stolen to cause the crash!

I understand there is no truth in the rumour that a tubby middle aged chap, who had forgotten who he was, was seen putting a pair of wire cutters into THE desk draw later in the day.

Here is the media take on his release:
'I must be the luckiest man alive': UKIP's Nigel Farage leaves hospital after election day plane crash

Last updated at 4:45 PM on 8th May 2010

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage knew his plane was going to crash five minutes before it hit the ground.

The politician spoke about the 'horrific' experience as he was released from hospital today following the election day smash.

As he left John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford following two days of treatment for cracked ribs, bruised lungs and a chipped spine, he said: 'It's difficult to believe we have come out of it as luckily as we have.'

He said he "must be the luckiest man alive" to have escaped without worse injuries.
Nigel Farage

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been released from hospital following his plane crash

His plane crashed spectacularly on Thursday morning as a UKIP banner it was displaying became wrapped around the rudder.

It came to ground in a field where rescuers rushed to help Mr Farage and his pilot, who was also hurt.

As he described the accident for the first time today Mr Farage, who had cuts to his nose and lip, revealed they had known five minutes in advance they were going to crash.

He said: 'You have to take off, and then you have to pick up the banner. But something went wrong.

'Basically the banner hooked around the tail of the plane which meant that whenever he came in to land, it would be a nose-dive landing.

'So we spent five minutes knowing we were in for a crash landing and the question was just how big and bad it was going to be.'

Nigel Farage's plane crash

The politician's plane crashed in a field after a UKIP banner wrapped around its rudder

Mr Farage, 46, said he tried to keep calm during the five minutes and let his pilot take over.

He said: 'I didn't panic. There wasn't anything I could do. I thought: 'I'll just sit here quietly and keep calm - he doesn't want to die either.

'But it did seem to last for quite a long time I have to say, and then going in for impact - it is a pretty horrific feeling.'

He said he thought about life and the world as he waited to crash in a field at Hinton-in-the-Hedges, Northamptonshire. He was rescued from the plane, with petrol pouring onto his hair.

As he left the hospital with his wife and family he said he felt 'a bit smashed up, a little bit out of breath'.

He said: 'But when you look at the pictures, and think about the accident I've been through, I think I must be the luckiest man alive.

He joked: 'Looking at the picture of me in the wreckage, note that I've still got my top button done up and my tie on.'

Nigel Farage in his plane

Mr Farage, pictured minutes before the accident, had flown several times to promote his party

The accident meant the politician missed the election count in Aylesbury for the Buckingham constituency, where he had hoped to unseat the House of Commons Speaker John Bercow.

The attempt failed, as Mr Bercow kept his seat with 22,860 votes. Mr Farage finished third with 8,410 behind independent candidate John Stevens on 10,331.

Mr Farage remained upbeat today. He said: 'I just can't believe my luck. To survive something like that is unusual - to do so without being in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, goodness me.

'I'm going to be better in three weeks' time. I'm going to go back to Brussels and annoy everybody, so I have been incredibly lucky. It's a real escape.'
Sally and John Bercow

The accident meant Mr Farage missed the election count in Buckingham, where he lost out to House of Commons speaker John Bercow

The crash was not the first time Mr Farage had cheated death - he was hit by a car 25 years ago and left with a fractured skull.

He said: 'I'm not quite sure who's looking after me at the moment, but they're doing a frightfully good job.'

He said the worst part of the accident was being stuck in the plane.

'We were trapped inside it and there was petrol everywhere. I thought 'God, we've survived the impact and now we're going to burn to death'.

'That was one really scary part of it. I was greatly relieved when I was got out and we discovered that the engine had broken away on impact, so the hot stuff was elsewhere. We were very, very lucky on both counts.'

He planned to go home to rest following his release from hospital.

He said: 'Normally, my style is always to say I'm off to a huge dinner, a big party and tripping the light fantastic but I'm afraid none of that is going to happen.

'I'm going to be going home and I expect I'm going to be laid up for quite a long time.'

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