Friday 7 May 2010

#980* - The Embarrassment Of UKIP.

#980* - The Embarrassment Of UKIP.
Clean EUkip up NOW 

make UKIP electable!
The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER

the NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

The Embarrassment Of UKIP! 

CLEARLY for All its Smears, for all its lies, for all its back stabbing and bullying the electorate have renounced UKIP on all counts!

CLEARLY UKIP in its vile and dishonourable behaviour has done UKIP lasting harm!

In less than a day even UKIP supporters are baying for blood seeking to oust Pearson & Farage - there is no sympathy as they totally betrayed UKIP, its members and our Country in their venal self interest!

There seems remarkably little concern or interest in Farage's well being despite his stunt and the resultant accident. I wish him a FULL recovery but I can but hope he takes his vile manner of politics with him and leaves the stage - others are more harsh!


so UKip finally ended up with less than 1million votes despite standing to lose to the Tories on their so called leader's instructions they got 3.1% of the vote.

One has to wonder if their denerate and debasing behaviour was really worth all the effort - handing so many hostages to fortune to be brought up at future elections.

I was glad to see that Glen Tingle stood the course after being so comprehensively duped by UKip at the byElection in Norfolk though although he was one of the few UKip candidates to beat the odious BNP (which speaks vol;umes of the contempt in which UKip is now seen by the electorate for all the money they spent.

It does seem that when it comes to the crunch UKip's ONLY policy is to sneer and smear - it is sad to see a party with so rosy a future as it once had being destroyed in its bitter and venal jealousies by such truelly horrid people. The number of dishonest fabrications emanating from UKip like Croucher, Fuller, Denny, McGough, Reeve, Gulleford, Pearson, Wood, Coleman, Curtis, Smith, Agnew, Towler, Ison, Parr, Bannerman, Allcock the list is all but endless and their ilk - they bring such shame on the party that if it ever did manage to climb out of the gutter it stands little chance of a future.


Name Party Votes % +/-
Lorely Burt Liberal Democrat 23,635 42.9 +3.5
Maggie Throup Conservative 23,460 42.6 +2.9
Sarah-Jayne Merrill Labour 4,891 8.9 -6.7
Andrew Terry British National Party 1,624 2.9 -0.5
John Ison UK Independence Party 1,200 2.2 +0.3
Neill Watts Solihull and Meriden Residents Association 319 0.6 +0.6
Majority 175 0.3
Turnout 55,129 71.9 +4.5
One wonders if the odious behaviour of this duplicitous and untrustworthy John Ison revealing the depths of disloyalty UKIP will sink to and the underhand betrayal of his employer was justified! Surely such depravity in political terms does more harm than good.

That it would seem clear that amongst friends doing a sound test for a video when a member of THE TEAM commented and said to Nikki Sinclaire - who was UKip's 3rd. largest backer in the quarter before that unpeasant Tory low lifer Malcolm Lord Pearson of thisck as a brick the Troglodyte from Eton with such common Eton integrity that the dinosaur thinks it is acceptable to stab his own people in the back for his personal gain.

A member of the TEAM - quite possibly the dishonest and self serving John Ison said, 'so if UKIP has kicked you out you'll be at least £50K better off', we all know Sinclaire's response - might it have been to John Ison saying 'the way UKip so clearly broke the law the Courts are bound to find in your favour' but filth like skeptic with their sordid and dishonest UKip fantasy blogs show themselves for what they are.

Clearly UKip is just a one trick pony and the trick is do and say ANTYTHING for power and their leader's view is the members are just troglodytes and who cares if they leave the party ! (TO QUOTE Malcolm Lord Pearson. but of course he is firmly on record not only supporting the Tory Party but also telling the world UKip MEPs are dinosaurs, as he admits to corruption and money laundering!!).

UKip's one trick is stab anyone in the back, smear anyone lie and defame anyone ANYTHING to get your snout in the trough!

Here is the video Sinclaire and her team were making making:

Skeptyk, UKip, John Ison and their team really did show themselves for the vituperative and vile vermin they are - was it worth making UKip yet more dedicated enemies?

It was amusing to note in Stroud that Pearson got it spot on right when he realised UKip siding with the Labour chap and him personally campaigning for him would go down like a lead balloon and as a result the Tory candidate picked up votes and ousted Labour - just think how well Labour would have done without Pearson's malign intervention.

Then we have Castle Point and the unfortunate Bob Spink who although he got by far and away the highest UKip affiliated vote (10% more than Farage, without spending anywhere near the amount, without diverting all of UKip attention and without such selfish behaviour and the smears and dishonesty Farage's team stooped to) Bob Spink got 27% but even so he lost which probably was in part to his association with UKip who the public are increasingly learning not to trust and rightly so! Another Tory win aided by UKip!

One has to feel sorry for UKip particularly Nigel Farage, his near self inflicted flying accident not withstanding. Has he not realised just how metronomic, moronic and boring sign dragging and crop spraying is - just a taxi driver driving up and down in the air. Would I fly with a dragger or duster? The hell I would with their accident rate, from mistakes made out of boredom. Of course I feel sorry for the injured pilot he had a staggeringly boring and incredibly boring job - I didn't get that much of a kick doing circuits and bumps out of Pullau Bukam and a few flights and the novelty wears of.

Good luck to the pilot and I hope he makes a full recovery and doesn't end up with his PPL being pulled.

It was sad that after 17 years with all that money squandered and so much of UKip's resources going into Buckingham that in the end it all boiled down to lies and smears from UKip - wheeling Skeptyk, Annabelle Fuller, Mark Croucher, Stuart Parr and all the idiots with silly names, too ashamed to use their own names, just showed UKip were back on their one trick pony smear, slander, lies and defamation as a policy!

Farage's result with no main party running against him was most clearly little more than indifferent but that it was demeaned with the attempt to smear Garry Cartwright then desparately trying to smear Nikki Sinclaire with some cock and bull fantasy about her having a secret meeting with Bercow peddled by the serial liar Croucher and his septic alter ego chum.

We even had the most egregious scum rising with childish and crassly amateur publicity from the vile EFD racists praising their leader Farage as a hero and invincible superman - quite obscenely tasteless but why are we not surprised as there is no gutter too sordid for UKip to grovel in as a one trick pony ANYTHING and DEPRAVITY is acceptable to UKip leadership team for their one and only trick - self interest!

May 6th. 2010 was not only an indifferent result but in reality an embarrassing humiliation for UKip that made even the Lib.Dims. look as if they had a good day - the Lib.Dims. may have lost but their policies did NOT like their leader fail to get its policies up and eventually crash in stunning ignominy!

Will it be the obvious winners of the night the odious pro EU Tories who Nigel Farage and Malcolm Pearson did so much to help or will the Government be cobbled together out of the failures the catastrophic Labour party and their deeply unpleasant economic illiterate Brown in a pact of ANY depravity with the other loser of the night Nick Clegg (you can't call it the failure of the Lib.Dims. as there is absolutely no substance to their party just the pro EU £Millionaire Clegg and his economic clown Vincent Cable and I can well imagine what the smell under his nose is!)

We have a Prime Minister who no one voted for who is unsurpruisingly hanging onto the job he was never elected to and never earned the public have given the Labour party one of the biggest rejections in history to get rid of this catastrophic economic illiterate who will go down in history as the very worst Prime Minister in modern history.

No one voted Gordon Brown and it seems a majority vote is insufficient to vote him out!

My political advice is clear - The Tory Government makes absolutely no deal with the Lib.Dims. their policies are just hot air, unsound and pro EU.

I suggest the Tories stand their ground as the majority party and take office spending the whole of the time explaining to the British peoples EXACTLY the obscenity of the damage done to Britain item by item by the treasonous liar Anthony Charles Lynton Blair who has done so much to damage and destroy these United Kingdoms whilst he has so grossly enriched himself at our expense.

They can clearly show Gordon Brown's staggering incompetence and the incompetences of the various cabinet members who have without exception damaged our country.

At the end of this period used to tell the truth Labour has fudged and hidden I suggest The Tories announce an election date on the Thursday before the clocks go back to maximise on daylight voting hours. This may prove difficult, under which circumstances perforce the election may be in early November.

I suggest to men and women of competence, integrity and patriotism that if they do not stand already within a party as candidates then stand for YOUR principles, values and patriotism - consider standing with integrity and presenting honesty, transparency, probity and direct representation with an aim to reduce the size of government, seek participation of the people and make decision making closer to the end user THE PEOPLE!

Join INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance and seek to help our people and our country.
Help to Reclaim OUR Future.

Come and join in and make a difference - consider helping to position yourself ready to serve your Country, Your peoples and Your future for the next election whenever it comes.

We have a limited time to wake the people to the truth, which is that qalthough it was Brown and before him Blair that so very much damage was done clearly Howard, Hague, Major, Thatcher, Heath and the planoply of the Party Political concept has betrayed and failed us in these United Kingdoms as the politicians formed their little gangs as the Lib.Lab.UKip.Con. sold out OUR country for their comfort.

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance
Reclaim YOUR Future 

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
(IF You Have No INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance Candidate)
to Reclaim YOUR Future 


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