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#538* - OLAF AGAIN - OF/2009/0487

Do remember #538*
I shall be returning to this blog to add more details of corruption pertaining to EUkip, its elected representatives, staff, criminality, dishonesty, associations and lies.

I will remove this tag once the list here is completed and will probably copy it with a new number at a future date before starting another similar listing - we may find it becomes neccessary to make separate blogs for individuals as we have with
Marta Andreassen & Nigel Farage so far.

#538* - OLAF AGAIN - OF/2009/0487

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable!

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership
& NEC is what gives the remaining 10%
a bad name!


If you wish to know more about OLAF, information is readily available.

To view their web site CLICK HERE

To report a suspected fraud (freephone)
(it has proved difficult to identify their Freephone on their Web Site!)

via our freephone for information of interest to the Office.

Please note that OLAF’s competence is limited to:

• investigating allegations of fraud and other serious irregularities which have an impact on the EU budget,
• corruption and other serious misconduct on the part of members or staff of European institutions.

OLAF is not competent for:

• cases of actual or suspected fraudulent misuse of the EU logo or the name of European institutions. If you wish to report suspected fraud of this nature, please contact EUROPE DIRECT on
• any suspected fraud or other misconduct involving the citizens or authorities of a Member State or other country,...
• any matter which involves more than one Member State or other country,...

...unless the alleged misconduct has a financial impact on the European Community budget.

In all other cases, please contact your local police.

You may also wish to read The Court of Auditors Report, just CLICK HERE

It is not that EUkip is worse than any other political party it is that it is more dishonest.

Do not forget that it can clearly be shown that EUkip's ONLY real claim to the support of a single solitary voter has been that they were going to be different.

EUkip was not only elected to work to get Britain out of the EU - a task they have spectacularly failed to achieve or even show any signs of taking much interest in.

We need more corrupt politicians like we need a hole in the head!

EUkip promised to expose the corruption in the EU - I guess they have but surely the electorate did not expect them to expose it by joining in and being just as corrupt.

When one poses as Caesars's wife and is chosen by the people to 'clean up' the Senate it ill becomes one to be caught turning tricks behind the marble pillars within minutes of ones arrival.

Do not forget that Nigel Farage & Jeffrey Titford first fell foul of OLAF stealing tax payers money for their own uses and were forced to return money to the EU Payments Office very early on in their association with the EU. As I recall they returned £11,000 they had perloined - yet that has never stopped them claiming they gave Steve Thoburn & Neil Herron as The Metric Martyrs £11,000. It isn't just the big lies it is the way EUkip has so glibbly lied at almost every level.

We are already up to #538 postings in this series of CaterpillarsAndButterflies Blogs each with details of a failure or dishonesty of EUkip.

I do not for a moment claim that The LibLabCon are any better but it was to expose their corruption and to lead EUkip out of the EU, using amongst other levers and tools to get us out of the EU the EU's very corruption and the dishonesty of its staff and supporters.

So far in trying to expose those turning tricks behind the marble pillars I have posted pictures of 27 EUkip officials who have fallen foul of the law, enquiries or their moral obligations in terms of the aims of being different and exposing the corruption of the EU & its members and staff.

Clearly not only will details be added but so also will other people embroilled in this sordid behaviour.

A separate site can be viewed for further details on this discreditted woman if you CLICK HERE

You can also read the full transcript of the Judgement against her in her appeal against dismissal from her job as one of the EU's accountants seemingly clarifies that she failed to do the job she was paid for and having failed to provide the report she was commissioned to produce identifying loopholes and opportunities for fraud and suggestions as to how to improve the system with recommendations - a report it seems that she failed to produce or was incompetent to produce thus the much claimed 'whistle blowing' which seems to have no ground in fact but I have provided the entire transcript and suggest you read the facts rather than hers or Farage's seemingly delusional misrepresentation CLICK HERE and then draw your own conclusions.

Anyone with transcripts of earlier cases against this woman is welcome to send them to me and I will try to publish them to show the truth in full.

This also includes the case regarding her dismissal from The OECD and suspension without salary for 15 to 18 months over 'accounting irregularities' and allegations of racism.

Informed members of EUkip will be aware that this woman's position as an MEP is founded only on the lies and corruption of EUkip and the dishonest manipulation of their own selection rules. Details are readily available from The Official Report produced by EUkip's own Returning Officer to view the report CLICK HERE

David BANNERMAN MEP EUkip 2009+
Party Deputy Leader.
Styles himself from time to time as David Campbell Bannerman, with or without a hyphen, seemingly with fraudulent intent, claiming to be a descendent of Sir Henry Campbell Bannerman a little known Liberal Prime Minister whose greatest claim to fame iss that he is the ONLY PM ever to die in #10 Downing Street.

David Bannerman is clearly a liar and a cheat and has subsequently changed his claims of relationship on almost every occasion though his only certain claim seems to be that his claimed Father it is claimed owns Sir H.C-B's. desk!

They do claim it is a wise man who knows his Father and his birth claimed to have been in India would seem not to have attribution until long after the claimed or legal date!

Largely responsible with Stuart Gulleford, Jeffrey Titford, George Curtis, Paul Nuttall and others in corrupting the thoroughly dishonest selection scam for MEP candidates in The Eastern Region.

Proof was provided to the dishonest & untrustworthy Christopher Gill that Bannerman had used bribery during the selection process as well as lies as to his identity - he had we are assured promised Peter Reeve & the olleagenous Stuart Gulleford employment if they aided in the corruption of the selection process. This would seem to have been further proven by the employments subsequent to the election!

There are many other details regarding David 'The Desk' Bannerman elsewhere on this blog site or you may find articles that corroborate or further inform if you CLICK HERE or alternatively CLICK HERE

Graham BOOTH MEP EUkip 2004 to 2008
Quit as an MEP before his term was up, no longer demeaning EUkip he handed over to Trevor Colman as long as Colman continued paying certain of his corrupt staff. Booth now finds himself under investigation by OLAF #OF/2009/0487 this is I understand on misuse of tax payers' money in terms of allowances and employment. there is no inference that it was regarding his arrangements in terms of accomodation when at the EU's toy parliament.
An odious and dishonest individual with a propensity for uncalled for and inappropriate obscenity.

Derek Clark MEP EUkip 2004 to 2009+
OLAF Case Number: D/007/033/04.09.08Derek Clark
OLAF Investigation Number: DD/FD-D2008.A1/7133/OF/2008/0240

Derek Clarke gave an undertaking in 2004 prior to the election to Ian Gillman No. 2 on the list that if he permitted Kilroy Silk to join the list at No. 2 he would personally stand down within a year as he was far too old to do the job for longer. Derek Clarke is a liar.

Derek Clarke attended a public meeting as a EUkip MEP and boasted to the audience as to how easily he was able to defraud the EU and how he was doing so!

Derek Clarke also, on the instruction of Nigel Farage signed a concordance with Romania seeking GREATER Subsidiarity for Britain to The EU and undertaking to work WITH the EU to strengthen its committees and control over Britain.

This dishonest and treacherous geriatric who has we understand fallen foul of OLAF based upon abuse of tax payers' money - related to his using public money to fund Andrew Fear, Niall Warry (there is no implication that either of them were aware of any abuse). Also we understand that Clarke used money from Ashford to fund Tony Ellwood who worked for him.

There is some reason to believe that staff of Clarke's with or without his approval made criminal false allegations regarding Tony, made anonimouisly and leading to a gross and irresponsible over reaction by the police. There are also claims that Ron Ransome another of Clarke's staff malliciously distributed a malware computer virus - a matter currently under investigation by the police.

Trevor COLMAN MEP EUkip 2008 to 2009+
Responsible for one of the more dishonest cover-ups of the criminality of Tom Wise & Lindsay Jenkins as charged.

Trevor Colman permitted himself to have his status as a retired senior police officer abused by Roger Knapman and others, for which it looks as if he was rewarded by the retirement of Graham Booth and his own coronation as an MEP.

We understand another condition of taking over from Graham Booth was that Trevor Colman continued to employ staff of Booth's, who were known to be liars, cheats and corrupt such as Malcolm Wood.

Openly declared supporter of the pro EU extremist and criminally led SEARCHLIGHT both in terms of passing details of EUkip members to Searchlight (by written admission) and boasts of moral abuse of the legal system to raise funds for this pro EU organisation.


Nigel FARAGE MEP EUkip 1999 to 2009+
Party Leader

Understood to be under investigation on several counts, both as Chairman of the pro EU Ind.Dem.Group & in his own right as an MEP.
His solicitors Carter Ruck were forced to write and appologise to The Sunday Times over allegations they had lied about his being under investigation!
Employs his wife with public money having campaigned on the grounds that he would NOT employ family members and also issued an edict that no MEP should employ family! Farage's dishonesty and hypocracy on this issue was unequivocally exposed by The Sunday Times showing that at that time she was paid £25Kpa which is understood to have risen to above £30Kpa, although his office staff had no idea what work she did nor that she even pretended to work for EUkip!

Annabelle FULLER
Personally responsible for a great deal of damage to the credibility of EUkip and particularly Nigel Farage. A liar and corrupt with a disregard for honesty, integrity and the well being of EUkip or its members openly breached trust and used privy information, bringing EUkip into disrepute in abuse of confidentiality and data protection. There was a Police enquiry and a judgement by the ICO under The Data Protection Act OF/08427, which led to a serious censure of EUkip as published in this Blog elsewhere & made public through a breech of trust by Mark Croucher.

Annabelle Fuller not content to lie to the media and forcing Farage to corroborate her lies and subsequently telling implausible lies about a pretend lost laptop leading to the resignation of John Wittacker as Chairman any yet more dishonesty from Farage.

Christopher GILL (ex Tory MP) EUkip NEC member & Responsible for the corrupt and dishonest selection process for MEP candidates for 2009
Various details of Christopher Gill's dishonesty can be studied in the full report if you CLICK HERE various other documents can be seen elsewhere on this blog and also at CLICK HERE


Speech writter for Nigel Farage at times, employed as a researcher by Tom WISE MEP EUkip. Speaker at EUkip Conference Bristol 2004.

Under arrest, currently on Court Bail from Westminster Magistrates Court, Horseferry Road to appear at a time to be advised at Southwark Court facing multiple charges roughly speaking fraud, embezzling, money laundering and false accounting.

Roger KNAPMAN former Tory MP former leader of EUkip, EUkip MEP 2004 to 2009
Harry Worth strikes again!!

Ashley MOTE MEP EUkip & Independent

Michael NATTRASS MEP EUkip 2004 to 2009+
OLAF Enquiry Number OF/2009/0487/Nattrass

Previous to involvement with EUkip was an active participant candidate and NEC member of Dennis Delderfield's right wing and some would say racist and extreme New Britain Party.

Since being a EUkip MEP has supported the corruption of Tom Wise, unacceptably abused and attacked his Chairman undermining EUkip immediately prior to a National Conference.

Has been taken to Industrial Tribunal by his Regional Organiser and the appeal is I understand ongoing.

Paul NUTTALL Chairman, Puppet & MEP
Thoroughly dishonest and not content with being parachuted in unelected as Farage's puppet and bully boy, emulating the worste stereotypes of The BNP.
Nuttall was happy to collude in the dishonest removal of Gregg Beaman elected as number one candidate so that he could be parachuted in for the election.
Has shown himself to be dishonest and an incompetent chairman with little control of his temper or the NEC.

Clive PAGE Press Officer
Clive Page was recruited and brought an element of competence and professionalism to what was an ill disciplined and largely incompetent organisation without any respect from the media that had done much to damage the reputation after a series of infiltrations and the lies and dishonesty of the previous press staff.

Unfortunately Clive was not without his own baggage bringing a criminal record to the job. Clive had relatively recently been found guilty of benefit fraud which made life difficult for him but EUkip with its usual double standards employed him, despite it being known that he had a criminal record - whereas Ashley Mote was persecuted by Farage and his followers whilst on remand for an offence many years before his involvement with EUkip.

Peter REEVE Regional Organiser
CF0669431208 Police investigation number for assault an Official Complaint was made which was witnessed in two separate witness statements to the police. In that no physical damage was done no further action was taken.

Ron RANSOME Taxi Driver, EUkip Regional Organiser Eastern Region.

Currently subject of a police enquiry under allegations of malliciously and deliberately promulgating a computer virus as claimed by Ian Gillman - formerly EUkip NEC member, candidate for leadership and selected number 2 on Eastern Region list in the interest of the Party stood aside for Robert Kilroy Silk to be parachuted in based on lies from Nigel Farage.

I have been asked to make it clear that despite the St. George's Cross on display this is neither a National Front or BNP meeting but strangely a EUkip venue, despite their claim to be a party for these United Kingdoms, this East Midlands meeting uses this symbolism!

Andrew SMITH EUkip MEP Candidate, Tom Wise's Unelected Chairman Eastern Region Committee, Past EUkip Treasurer.

Utterly incompetent as Treasurer, left the accounts in shambolic turmoil without notice unable to answer some 28 basic questions regarding the accounts.

Treasurer who deliberately set out to break electoral law, leading with the dishonesty of Nigel farage, David Lott and others to a guilty verdict in the Courts which has not yet been settled but is likely to lead to the forfeiture of some £350,000+ and costs of between 2 & 400,000 through the Courts later this year. Not to mention his treasurership leading to fines for failures of accounting.

Andrew Smith also unarguably colluded in corruption in the selection process for the prospective MEP list.

Jeffrey TITFORD MEP EUkip 1999 to 2009
OLAF Enquiry Number OF/2008/0764/Titford

Previous to involvement with EUkip was an active participant in the right wing and some would say racist and extreme New Britain Party.

Tom Wise MEP from 2004 to April 2009
Under arrest, currently on Court Bail from Westminster Magistrates Court, Horseferry Road to appear at a time to be advised at Southwark Court facing multiple charges roughly speaking fraud, embezzling, money laundering and false accounting.

Malcolm WOOD Regional Organiser

Robert KILROY SILK MEP EUkip & Independent

Glenn TINGLE MP candidate EUkip - Norwich
There are open allegations that Glenn was a member of The National Front and that the BNP have a copy of his hand written resignation letter when he joined HM Forces some years ago (my guessover 20 years ago in his teens). I have no knowledge of the veracity of this and would suggest that he issues an unequivocal denunciation of The NF before Farage or Croucher decide to fantasise on the matter thus raising the profile of the NF & BNP as they did with their dishonest claims before the EU election which so helped The BNP that EUkip and particularly Farage and his clique can reasonably be attributed to have aided the BNP sufficiently to have 2 BNP MEPs elected.
Even with a track record of denunciation of the NF &/or BNP that will not be sufficient to ensure Glenn is not victimised and lied about by Farage, Croucher and Croucher's corrupt, dishonest and extreme pro EU associates in Searchlight and similar fascist type organisations.
Glenn should be made aware of the fact that whether true or false will matter little to EUkip's leadership who have an indisputable track record of mallicious dishonesty. EUkip are no recognisers of legal time limits or details when they opt for a witch hunt.

Michael ZUCHERMAN Party Secretary & Legal Advisor (when Douglas Denny & Rachel Oxley are unavailable!)

We note that as a qualified lawyer & the Party Secretary he has not only a very imature inability to control his temper and a particularly fascist style for control of other people's opinions! he has also made something of a fool of himself and EUkip with some of his amateur and crass sabre rattling.

We note Zucherman is facing an enquiry by the Law Society Ombudsman under the terms of the handling on the law society's enquiry No. CDT/56122-2008/KellyCIU

I understand Zucherman is somewhat centre stage in the matter of The Data Protection Act under enquiry No. RFA0221840 pertaining to his offences under Section 7 of the Act.

There are other articles on this blog site pertaining to Zucherman providing greater details of his dishonesty and also his involvement in corruption and witness intimidation.


What is the exit and survival plan for these United Kingdoms to maximise on the many benefits of leaving The EU. It is the DUTY of our Politicians and Snivil Cervants to ensure the continuity, liberty and right to self determination of our peoples they have a DUTY to protect against crime and secure both our food and our border.
NONE of these DUTIES has a single British politician upheld for 40 years. They have drawn their incomes fraudulently and dishonesty.

Politicians are failing to tell the truth, but so are almost all wanabe Politicians, the MSM and Snivil Cervants.

The fact is that even if EVERY British MEP wanted change in The EU it would achieve NOTHING.
Every single British Politician, of EVERY Party, elected since before we joined the EUropean Common Market, has promised to change The EU's CAP - In 40 Years they have achieved absolutely NOTHING!

To try to put a value on OUR Freedom is as futile as floccipaucinihilipilification and as odious as the metissage of our societies, as we rummage in the ashes of our ancestors dreams, sacrifices and achievements, the flotsam of our hopes and the jetsam of our lives, consider the Country and Anglosphere which we leave our children and the future, with shame!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62


I SUGGEST – since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country. Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour. Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


E&OE this entry is incomplete and subject to correction and additional clarification.
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