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#98* - The Caterpillars & The Shredders??

The corruption of some of EUkip’s leadership & NEC is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!

Clean EUkip up NOW & make UKIP electable

#98* - The Caterpillars & The Shredders??


A Challenge for today – minded of the determination of the leadershit and NEC of EUkip to orchestrate a kangaroo court to debar those who wish to represent the members and see the party cleaned up – the various (few) competent members who wish to introduce, structure, competence, professionalism, training and vision on an equitable, informed and moral basis replacing the anarchic distrust and chav like squabbling for better places at the trough or on the paths to the troughs of the gravy train it is interesting that I am no receiving as many as 5 copies of some of the correspondence from the NEC.

I would like to thank those who are beavering away in offices in the EU to ensure the members are kept informed.

I feel sure you will find the correspondence below all too indicative of the incompetence, ill manners and arrogantly hubristic chavs on the NEC and their puppet masters.

I wonder howmany have noticed there is almost no meeting deadweight Derek dare not attend – he is like the failing employee who leaves a jacket at his desk to stop people talking about him.

It is clear the contempt that many hold Clark in both for his dishonesty, his personality, his greed and his betrayal of the members, the Region who so foolishly elected him yet whom he has so betrayed by rigging committees and boasting of his methods of defrauding the tax payers whilst betraying our Country by acting as puppet for Farage and signing up to a concordance with the pro EU Ind. Dem. Group to place these United Kingdoms in greater subsidiarity to the corrupt and centralised EU and also to work with the EU to strengthen its committees and their control over Britain.

Whether the unscrupulous Derek Clark sees himself as some latter day Osric who like the present usurper seeks to reasonably mould the opposition, whatever the games he plays he does not even match up to Dungeons and Dragons and in fear of his place at the trough he dare not turn his back for fear of meeting with the fate of Hamlet’s Osric.

Derek Clark has proved a disgrace and his continued support of the betrayal of Britain does nothing but bring EUkip into disrepute – ensuring further failure in the elections of 2009 whether the enquiries of OLAF have come to fruition in time or not.Let us consider the offering I have been provided with recently (very), for which the individual is to be applauded and it may interest them to know that the second copy came in from another country within 15 minutes of the first!


On Tue, 21/10/08, john west wrote:
From: john west
Subject: Data Protection Act
To: 'Abbott Dr.David (SE_Winchester)' , '' , ''>, 'DAVID ABBOTT' , 'DAVID BANNERMAN' , 'del young'>, 'Derek Clark' , '' , 'Eric Edmond' , '' , 'Farage MEP. Nigel (LEADER)' , '' , '' , ''>, '' , 'Paul Nuttall' , '' , ''
Date: Tuesday, 21 October, 2008, 10:53 AMFor the attention of the Party Chairman Copied to the NECDear Mr Nuttall, I am writing to you concerning my Data Protection request.

The 40 day period has now expired and UKIP has still not complied with my request.

I am sending you another copy of my original letter. You now have exactly seven days to comply with the requirements of the Act. Failure to comply with Section 7 of the Data Protection Act is a criminal offence and will result in a complaint being made to the Information Commissioner's Office.

I thank you for returning my original cheque for £10 and thereby undertaking to fulfil your duties under the Act free of charge.

Please do not claim that you do not posses the material requested as I am fully aware that various documents and emails concerning me exist.

These include a letter sent by Nigel Farage to Brian Barter, a member in Suffolk Coastal, the George Curtis report, the Piers Merchant report, the Political Committee's report and numerous NEC and Eastern Region Committee emails.

I look forward to receiving all the documents and emails as requested in my original letter.

Yours sincerely,
John WestChairman
UKIP Ipswich & East Suffolk
Secretary UKIP Suffolk Coastal

> >Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 14:55:23 +0000

> >From:
> >Subject: Re: Data Protection Act
> >To:

> >> >Dear John
> >> >After taking legal advice, I am advised to inform you to refer to the letter sent to you by Dr. Whittaker on 11 September 2008.
> >> >Best wishes
> >> >Paul Nuttall

Subject: RE: Data Protection Act
Date: Wed,
For the attention of the Party Chairman
Copied to the NEC

Dear Paul,

Thank you for your email.

Once again your response is totally inadequate. As Party Chairman you are obliged by law to supply me with all the documents as requested under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act.

May I remind you that this law was passed by Parliament and can’t be ignored. Does the leadership think that they are above the law and can ignore the consequences of their actions indefinitely? UKIP is already the subject of complaints to the Information Commissioners Office and the Police following the leak of my MEP video interview onto You Tube.

Please don’t force me to make another complaint. Time and time again the leadership has brought the party into disrepute.

They have refused to apologise for the You Tube video leak , denied me my elected seat on the NEC, refused to discipline Michael Zuckerman and Douglas Denny for claiming that both Eric Edmond and myself suffer from mental illness, refused to open an investigation into the rigged MEP selection process, thrown an elected member off the NEC, refused to confirm or deny the claim that Miss Fuller is still working for Nigel Farage, refused to discipline Peter Reeve and Ron Whitmore for their unlawful attempt to throw me off the Suffolk Coastal Committee and so on.

How many more scandals will it take before the NEC finally wakes up and starts to realise that UKIP is falling apart under its current leader? I am also fully aware that there are plans to bring several members before a disciplinary committee. My name has already been mentioned as being on that list. I have been sent an email that confirms this.

I understand that this will be done prior to the NEC elections in order to prevent certain individuals standing for the NEC. No doubt these committees will also be rigged to get the desired result! Rather than deal with the serious corruption in UKIP the leadership seeks instead to silence those of us who wish to see democracy and integrity restored to UKIP. How very EU! Paul, how can we expect the British electorate to support us when we can’t even keep our own house in order? I had hoped that you would be different from your predecessor.

I had hoped that, unlike John Whittaker, you would resist Farage’s dictatorial attitude and stand up for the interests of the members.

It seems that I misjudged you. However, I still hope that you will prove me wrong. I strongly suggest that you supply me with the required data. I also strongly advise you to stop listening to misguided legal advice from Mr Zuckerman or Miss Oxley.

You have exactly 24 hours to confirm that you will supply me with the required data as requested under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act.

Failure to agree to supply it will result in a formal complaint being made to the Information Commissioners Office on Friday.

Yours sincerely,
John West
Chairman UKIP Ipswich & East Suffolk
Secretary UKIP Suffolk Coastal

It is quite staggering the crass muddle EUkip’s leadership and NEC have got themselves into.It is clear that they lack, in terms of leadership or managerial competence, integrity or any understanding of morality and gentlemanly conduct the slightest smidgeon of ability – but then again their leader had to depend on lies and dishonesty and the spending of a great deal of other people’s money to seize the leadership.

By the by as an aside had you noted that EUkip’s web site is so fundamentally biased that a debate in Cambridge is presented as a great achievement despite the undeniable fact that the fraudulent liar and cheat David the desk Bannerman lost the debate hands down whether due to his incompetence or his being utterly discredited in the eyes of decent people I could not guess.

It must by now be obvious to a huge percentage of the electorate that he is only acting as a placeholder in the lead position in the Eastern Region as his dishonesty is beyond all reasonable doubt – it is so marked that his place on the NEC is no longer legitimate nor as a candidate – the man brings EUkip into disrepute but then again it is not unreasonable to ponder for which of his masters he is doing this.Do not forget that he was sent over to EUkip replete with the story of the desk from The Tories where he had been salaried – the better informed amongst you will recall Stephen Sobey did likewise complete with cover story.

Bannerman now has a double reason for betrayal of members of UKIP in that he is also now salaried by the EU – he has proved to be dishonourable, a fraud, a liar, a cheat and NOT the person he claimed to be to gain acceptance and preferment in the first place – exactly the type of cover story the Tories provided for Stephen as you may recall!

When will EUkip wake up and rid itself of people like Clark, Denny, Smith, Bannerman, Colman, Duffy, NutAll, Oxley, Moran, and others who so clearly offer nothing of merit to the membership whatever value they may be as yes men and puppets for the leadership.

It is these odious people who are used by the incompetent leadership to buffer them against those who would see EUkip cleaned up and restored to the members as a party fit for people of integrity to vote for – when you consider in a rwecent media poll over 90% of the voters, be that self selected or not, voted to leave the EU yet under the present lack of leadership and misguidance the best they seem able to manage by votes is 1-3% as a party!

I do appreciate that Farage and those who seek to feed from the crumbs he spills them, almost unanimously seek to blame their failures on others – whether the their old associates the BNP or their critics. It is astonishing just how dishonestly they claim that I and others are damaging the party and bringing it into disrepute – have they not considered that all we do is report their shameful behaviour?

Friends in the media assure me that although EUkip is of absolutely no interest to their editors they are storing the details from eMails and the Forum that come their way – you must be aware of the damage EUkip’s leaders have done and the strength of the enemies they have made.

If you doubt me why not call the Barry plumber or the Press Office and establish how long after a foolish posting was made about duping people relative to a charity and hit numbers or some such was published by the pipe bender just how soon were the mainstream media onto the matter. Similarly whence do you imagine I obtained the details of Tom Wise’s renewal of bail, subsequently confirmed elsewhere.

It is interesting to note that despite the protestations for public consumption from the leadership Tom Wise is a fully paid up member of EUkip, until last week I understand he was still the Chairman of at least one EUkip branch and I understand that although he is in public denounced by Farage as chairman of the pro. EU Ind.Dem.Group he was until but a few days ago the custodian of the EUkip Ind.DemGroup battle bus which was parked up on his patch.

Interestingly I note the London Branch of EUkip now has its web site up and running provided by a member of the Libertarian Party!! Further I note that they make much of having converted a number of Tories with unpronounceable names who had gathered as a branch, these newcomers to British politics have abandoned the Tories in favour of supporting Gerald Button yet the animosity and contempt of Farage and The Desk is such that no mention of this apparent coup would seem to have appeared on the EUkip main web site – obviously The Desk’s drubbing in the Cambridge debate is more promotable!!

I wonder if the fact that Zucherman would seem to be prepared to prostitute his professional qualifications, seemingly in return for the orgasmic thrills of having a chance of being an MEP – it seems that in return for favours that keep Bannerman the desk in position and kangaroo courts orchestrated by him to ensure only puppets are permitted a voice he can expect assistance in the removal of the choclate Button who will be forced to melt away for lack of support thus Zucherman can ride the desk to their Nirvana – the feeding troughs of the gravy train in the EU.It does look very much that way from other correspondence I have received from EU sources – though as I said yesterday, on all that data I currently choose to keep my powder dry – more to rebuild UKIP than to expose and bury EUkip.

Farage old son do not flatter yourself – you are the greatest asset the BNP has at the moment and I assure you from what I hear the last thing they would want is you to loose the leadership as currently on the domestic scene as leader you are to the BNP as you are to the EU as an MEP – a recruiting sergeant and useful idiot – even your membership, as they drift away, are increasingly aware of your duplicity and just how much you have4 done to aid the Tories, the BNP and the EU.

Just look at the calibre of people you have had to gather around you to prop you up – not individuals of strength integrity and stature that would add to your possible appearance of gravitas but spivs, con men, self seekers, frauds, cheats and liars.

WELL DONE & haven’t you made a lot of enemies amongst the true patriots of Britain – had EUkip had a leader of stature a structure, training, trust and organisation just think how little the BNP, The EDP, The etc. etc. parties would have achieved.Farage – your ignorance, arrogance and lack of loyalty is so beneath contempt that you have made enemies you will NEVER escape – do you think the Wests, Pages, Abbotts, Conninghams, Suchorzewskis, Holdsworths, Harveys, Crosses, Hasslams, Warrys, Edmonds, Lawsons, Watsons, Chants, Webbs, Hockneys, Masons, deRouks, Battens, Gillmans, McWhirters, Kingscotts, Schofields, Wessons, Troy,s, Silks, Knapmanns, Youngs, Colliers, Hockneys, Norths, Steads, Butchers, Parsons, Herrons, McConnachies, Colmans, Bennett, Muirs, Padmores and so many more whom you betrayed, supporters and friends who will NEVER relent after your treatment of them?

What a sorry mess you have made of your life when those YOU believe to be your supporters and friends are supplying me with correspondence and phoning with facts to bring you and your leadership down to give UKIP a chance.

Even your various Tory friends who phone to inform me of your latest idiocies as with your stupidity with Declan Ganley that will prove so damaging to EUkip in the long run and you makre no friends in Ireland I gather with your posturings of the part you played in their opposition to the New Constitution Lisbon Treaty. A conspicuous and cowardly silence thus obliging your mates and masters in the EU and the Tory Party!

I do believe that based upon the FACTS and considering the majority, including those who support these people It is REASONABLE to describe EUkip’s self seeking venal leadership and NEC as not only clearly and provably corrupt but little more than a bunch of spivs, barrow boys and petty crooks.

EUkip is finished unless it is cleaned-up and cleaned up FAST – even then it may well not survive.

I have literally DOZENS more letters and around 100 pages of documentary provenance to back my contention and I receive authentic material from various offices in the EU which of course includes offices in participant countries.

I CHALLENGE the leadership of EUkip to a debate to defend themselves – they are by a majority beneath contempt.

Just to round up you will no doubt be disgusted to know that the unarguably dishonest, incompetent, corrupt and unprofessional Andrew Smith would seem to be working in cahoots with the cowardly and dishonest George Curtis, who so bravely lies about people when he believes his lies will not be exposed – George Curtis is clearly a liar and when I challenged him regarding some lies he had invented about me and published - he spluttered and mumbled but lacked the moral fibre to withdraw his lies and lacked the integrity to apologise – a sordid little man! It seems he makes a habit of telling lies as proven by his response regarding the lies he published about Robin Page and also I understand John West.

Do note however that the self selected, in that there was NEVER a valid vote, the self proclaimed bunch of rascals on the so called Eastern Region Committee – which you will note has received Votes of no confidence from Bedford Branch, Fenland Branch and also some 21 separate branches under the Newmarket Declaraqtion – they are now so out of touch with the party but so determined to keep their snouts in EUkip’s troughs that I understand George Curtis will be cock a hoop as Andrew Smith wants the committee to act in its own interests NOT those of the membership by having members sign a gagging order that they will not let the people they represent know what fiddles they are upto, I understand that John Saunders was not enamoured of such a gagging order in fact I gather he positively up chucked and I understand has now been widely quoted by the BNP.

This is shamefull and makes EUkip look little better than the early days of Adolph Hitler – soon no doubt they will have their own brown shirts – shaven headed chavs as enforcers!It does seem the main function of EUkip is as a recruiting sergeant for the BNP – what an obscene realisation!

No individual of ANY integrity or intelligence is likely to put his name or his money to support this crooked bunch of losers – who clearly have managed the demise of a dream sinking it in squabbling, lies, greed, distrust and corruption – no wonder their only backer of note made his money as a professional gambler – it is also worthy of note that it would seem EUkip has been unable to find a reputable British Firm of Reputable Accountants to present their books and have had to seek out a pro EU Danish woman living in Spain and it will be noted she had to be bribed at a cost of £36,000 PLUS expenses to sign the cheques on a part time basis – yet happily signed of the accounts at the business meeting when it was not just apparent but blatantly clear she had ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE OR UNDERSTANDING of important areas of the accounts.

No wonder no one of repute has stepped forward to fund the party and it has failed to recruit a single solitary politician of credible stature – just one failed Tory MP looking for a way to keep his snout in the trough!

Greg L-W.
01291 – 62 65 62

MAY I SUGGEST – since there is no political party of repute advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country:
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:
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